Peds Exam 1 Cardiac

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  1. is rheumatic fever contagious?
  2. when does rheumatic fever develop after child has had strep?
    1-3 weeks
  3. What is the best indicator of health in kids?
  4. When a baby with tetralogy of fallot is turning blue what do you do?
    put them in knee-chest position
  5. IN tetralogy of fallot, why does squatting help with?
    squatting helps with right to left shunt, when you hold your legs up the pressure will put more pressure on the left ventricle to get more O2 blood out
  6. TEST question... what is the main pumping chamber in an infant under 6 months?
    Right ventricle
  7. When does the PDA close off after birth?
    few days
  8. What is the vessel between aorta and pulmonary artery called?
    DA - ductus arteriosus
  9. In ductus venosus, why doesn't blood flow to the lungs?
    because don't get Oxygen from lungs (baby isn't breathing in mothers womb)
  10. For truncus arteriosis, what do doctors want to wait for until they perform surgery?
    weight gain in child
  11. In HLHS, what is used to keep the PDA open?
    Prostaglandins E1
  12. The smaller the child is the fast their heart beats? true or false
  13. when do you want to listen for a murmur?
    after 1st and 2nd heart sound
  14. When palpating the chest, what is another word for a thrill?
    a murmur
  15. When assessing the chest, you put your finger in between intercostal space and can feel cardiac impulse. If it is bounding against your hand, is this normal?
    No, the heart is overworking
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