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  1. Which model of representation allows a member to vote for the good of the whole?
    trustee model
  2. Which committee hammers out differences in bills passed by the House and Senate?
    Conference Committee
  3. The unwritten rule of reciprocity
    • on earmarks is known as:
    • Logrolling
  4. Hispanics make up ___ percent in Congress.
  5. Which of the following is part of the Executive Office of the President?
    • National Security Council
    • The NSC is one of the most important component of the EOP. It gives the president advice about important national security matters.
  6. As a president’s time in office increases, his approval ratings
    • generally go down
    • Although there are exceptions, a president’s approval rating generally goes down the longer the president stays in office.
  7. Which of the following powers is given to the president?
    • Negotiate treaties
    • The president can negotiate treaties with foreign powers, although Congress must ratify them.
    • Presidents who are considered among the greatest
    • confronted a major crisis.
  8. House
    • 435 members distributed based on population
    •  Elections every 2 years
    •                                    Citizenship requirement 7 years

     More partisan (why?) less becasue they change frequently

    age 25
  9. senate
    100 members distributed equally across 50 states

    • Elections every 6 years (what is
    • the Rotation, and why is rotation important?)
    • rotation is 1/3rd tries to relect and it;s to keep things fresh
    • More media coverage/prestige

    Citizenship requirement 9 years

    age 30
  10. census
    survey of population to see how many house members will be for each state,(reapportionment)
  11. gerrymandering
    • manipulate the boundaries of an electoral consituency so as to favor one party or class
    • redisticting for political gain
  12. cracking/packing
    cracking-spreading voters of a particular type among many districts in order to deny them sufficiently large voting bloc in any particular district

    packing is to concentrate as many voter of one type into a single electoral district to reduce their influence in other districts
  13. marginal districts (margin of victory is 5% or less)
    political districs in which canidates elected to the house of reps win in close elections, typically w/  less then 55% of the vote
  14. seniority
    is the concept of a perdon or group taking precedence another person or group cus the former is either older than the latter or has occupied a particular position longer than latter
  15. reciprocity/logrolling
    repopr- favor for favor

    log- member exchange support on eachothe bills
  16. earmarks
    federal money that benefits a members district
  17. pork
  18. member goals
  19. reelection
  20. casework
    assisitance provided by members of congress to constituents who encounter a frievance with federal agency or the federal gov.
  21. public policy
    guide to action taken by the administractive executive branches of teh state w/ regard to a  class of issues in a manner consistent with law &institutional customers
  22. constituency service
    parliments do to serve &represent the interests of their constituents
  23. models of representation
    Delegate model of representation

    Trustee model of representation

    Conscience model of representation

    Politico model of representation
  24. Delegate model of representation
    instead of flip flopper)- rep see themselves as a proxi(stand in or sub). poll ppl and go take the votes off what the ppl want to congress, more likely to change depending on the ppl u rep.
  25. Trustee model of representation
    intrusted in with ur faith to legistalte on ur behalf/w/ ur best intrest. not gonna keep asking wht u want. its more up to them
  26. Conscience model of representation
    the philosophy that legislators should follw the will of teh ppl until they truley believe it is in the best interests of th nation to act differntly
  27. Politico model of representation
    typical polition, vote w/ u when ur loud. when the ppl r quiet they vote like a trusty, dont pay attention to publc unless gets attention
  28. Descriptive Representation
     What does our congress “look like” (i.e. race, age, sex)
    rep that look like you

    most of congress look white, old and rich

    Hispanics make up 5 percent of members of Congress, and 17 percent of the general population. The other figures: African Americans make up 13 percent of the general population and 9.5 percent of Congress.
  29. Substantive Representation
    based n policie outcomes. whats beign passed in congress because of them
  30. Symbolic Representation
    • something that is visible that by association or convention that reps something else invisable.
    • ex: eagle  = america
  31. Constitutionally mandated roles
    Chief of state

    Chief legislator

    Chief diplomat

    Commander in chief

    Chief Executive
  32. Chief of state
    inspiring example the american ppl. commuinty service like stuff
  33. Chief legislator
    influence congress on law makng
  34. Chief diplomat
    enternation figure/duties
  35. Commander in chief
    in charge of the armed foces
  36. Chief Executive
    laws with his branch
  37. Whig Model
    defer to congress(desions to make laws to congress) do what i do in the consitution allows, restrain power
  38. Stewardship Model
    • broad powers (only limited by the constitution, do everything but the consitution states I cant do)

    responsible planning &mangamen of resources
  39. Modern Presidency Model
    (Growth of the executive branch in size and score)
    centralized power(consider the executive branch the central &have a interprtation of the consitution.anythig to do with the prez then it's mine(prez)
  40. Informal Powers of the Presidency
    Presidential prerogative/inherent powers

    Power to persuade
  41. Presidential prerogative/inherent powers
  42. Power to persuade
    What positions a president to be more persuasive? e.g. resources, public opinion etc.

    • Presidential Power by Richard Neustadt = bedside reading for prez
    • The informal powers of the office, such as its prestige, others’ fears of retribution, and the president’s bargaining skills and ability to grant special favors are central to the success of presidents.
    • When presidents want to persuade members of Congress to vote for their policies, they can bypass them and speak directly to their constituents, a tactic known as going public. Beginning with FDR’s fireside chats on the radio, presidents have utilized the media and new technology to get their messages directly to the people.
  43. going public
    When do presidents go public? What technological changes have facilitated an increase in “going public” by presidents?
  44. The members of the Senate closely reflect the nation in terms of __________.a. race. ,b. gender.
,c. economic status.,d. prior occupation. 
,e. none of the above
  45. Incumbents are those
    already holding office.
  46. Congressman Buyer supports a piece of legislation that Congresswoman Dunn favors in hopes that she will support his pet project in the future. This is an example of
  47. __________ is another term for reciprocity among congressional colleagues.
  48. The single most important advantage to someone trying to get elected to Congress is ______.
    being an incumbent. 

  49. Paradoxically, most Americans like their Congressional representatives, but also __________.
    have a low opinion of Congress
  50. The United States House of Representatives has ________ members.
  51. The __________ model of representation holds that a legislator does what he or she thinks is best for the nation as a whole and in the long term.
  52. According to most political scientists, ________ is the number 1 goal for elected public officials.
  53. The __________ model of representation holds that legislators should feel free to follow their own judgment on matters where the public remains silent.
    • majority-minority model of representation
    • politico
  54. Successful members of Congress share the same policy interests as voters, according to the __________.
    delegate model of representation
  55. Which statement is true of the House of Representatives?
    Members are elected every two years and apportioned to states based on population.
  56. The __________ model of representation holds that legislators should feel free to follow their own judgments on matters in which the public remains silent.
  57. Which model of representation is enacted when a representative follows the will of the people until he or she truly believes it is in the best interests of the nation to act differently?
  58. What does the conscience model of representation tell us about representation?
    A legislator follows the will of the people in most instances until conscience pulls him or her in a different direction.
  59. what consitutional power thats sharred by the prez &senate?
    making treaties
  60. who was the 1st modern prez?
    franklin D roosevelt
  61. what prez oversight includes the state of the union address?
    commander in chiefof the armed forces
  62. the use of _____ an foreign matters is an example of the prez acting as a global leader?
    executive agreements
  63. describe the prez's consitutional duty to congress
    the prez mus give congress an occasional update on the state of the union
  64. what role does a prez play when celebrating a national holiday
    chief/head of state
  65. what role was barack ombama perfoming when vetoted h.r 3808 the interstate regonition ?
    chief legislator
  66. which prez power gives the prez the ability to control what happens inside departments &agencies during their terms &to shape the federal judiciary far into the future?
  67. howmight pres use their powers of persuation in the legislative process
    in leading public opinion to support their policy agendas
  68. which of the following leadership abilities is critical to prez success
    the ability to persuade members of congress & the american public
  69. when might citizens b partically concerned about the prez power?
    when they opose the prez agenda
  70. what disinguishes the modern prez from the insitution originally envisioned be the framers of the constiution?
    the modern prez has become the central focus of american politics since 1930s, supplanting congress as the 1st branch of gov
  71. what distinguishes modern prez from the early prezs
    modern prezs are much more active in the formulation of policy than early prezs
  72. which prez power gives the prez the ability to control what happens inside departments & agencies during their terms & to shape the federal judicary far into the future?
  73. over the last 200 yrs, the prez...
    has become more powerful
  74. in his role as commander in chief, the prez
    commands the armed forces
  75. an executive order is
    an executive policy statement having the force of law
  76. when the prez appoints officials to the policy making jobs in executve agencies, the prez assumes teh rols of....
    chief executive
  77. extra stuff
    • executive officce of the prez (EOP)
    • national security council (nsc)
    • officce of managment &budget (omb)
    • council of economic advisors (Cea)
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