Theology II The Kingdom

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  1. Jesus' Dream called?
    The Kingdom of God (AKA The Reign of God)
  2. Power of dreams?
    • Focuses our energies
    • Guides our choices
    • Influences our friendships
  3. Why had the Kingdom not been established?
    Still too much evil in the world
  4. Matthew 6:26-34
    What is it about?
    • Trust
    • Vision of God whom people could put complete trust
    • Radical new vision of God for the Jews
  5. What Aramiac word Jesus used to address God?
    Why this might have shocked the people of Jesus' time?
    • Abba
    • Bc it meant "dad" or "daddy" which spoke of an intimacy with God
  6. When will Jesus' Dream of the Kingdom of God become realized?
    • when people conform their will to the will of God
    • when this conversion happens
  7. Jesus' Claim to Divine Authority (4)
    • Calls God "Father"
    • Authority greater than the law
    • Forgives sins
    • Rids temple of injustice
  8. Kingdom "Right Now" but "Not Yet"
    • Jesus embodied the Kingdom. It began with Him
    • Jesus' followers only recognized the Kingdom after Jesus' death and Resurrection
    • We must respond to Jesus' invitation to "enter the Kingdom". Saying yes to God
  9. 2 problems that developed among the Jews and conflicted with their following the command to love one another?
    • Nationalism - love your neighbors meant Jews only
    • Legalism - law oppressed people instead of guiding them
  10. Jesus called for love without limits and included love of enemies
    Love of your enemies was unique to Jesus
    What story/parable does Jesus tell that explains this love of enemies?
    • Good Samaritan
    • Samaritans were hated people
  11. Understanding the command to love
    Jesus described God's love for us as?
    What does that mean?
    Why is that difficult for us to understand?
    • unconditional
    • He loves us no matter what
    • Bc it means we must love others unconditionally - hard on a human level for us - human love is unconditional
  12. What does the word "conversion" mean?
    • change - metanoia
    • conversion necessary to participate in the Kingdom
    • when conversion happens, the Kingdom of God takes roots in our hearts
  13. What did Jesus mean when He said the Kingdom of God is communal in nature?
    • Not just "me and God"
    • Relationship between God & individuals & among individuals
    • 10 Commandments - 3 deal with our personal relationship with God - 7 deal with our relationship with others
  14. Why did the ancient Jews believe the Messiah would be a great warrior who would establish the Kingdom through military conquest?
    • After King David - Oppression by leaders
    • Jews believed - military leader needed
    • Messiah would have to be a military leader
  15. What ideas about the Kingdom of God did Jesus clearly reject?
    • Synoptic gospels only - John does not specifically mention the Kingdom
    • not political
    • no boundaries - not geographical
    • not a new religion or social reform - Jesus never came to start Christianity
    • not a new philosophy
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