ACC 202 Chapter 3

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  1. typical cost drivers include
    • computer time
    • machine hours
    • flight hours
  2. labor costs that are easily traced to a job are called ______ labor costs
  3. what kinds of manufacturing costs are assigned to units of production in absorption costing?
    both variable and fixed manufacturing costs
  4. depreciation on machinery, factory utilities, and factory supervisor's salary are examples of?
    manufacturing overhead
  5. what are some of the widely used allocation bases in manufacturing?
    • direct labor hours
    • direct labor cost
    • machine hours
    • units of production
  6. the predetermined overhead rate is multiplied by the actual allocation base incurred by a job to find:
    overhead applied to the job
  7. into which categories do companies generally classify manufacturing costs?
    • direct labor
    • manufacturing overhead
    • direct materials
  8. a measure of activity used to assign overhead costs to products and services and sometimes called a cost driver is a(n) ___ ____
    allocation base
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