737 Power Plant

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  1. What type of Engine do we have?
    How much Lbs of Thrust does it produce?
    • Two CFM 56-3, High ByPass Turbofan.
    • 18,500, 20,000, or 23,500 lbs of thrust
  2. Describe the N1 stage of the Engine?
    Low pressure,Single stage fan, 3 stage compression, 4 stage turbine.
  3. Describe N2 stage of engine?
    • 9 stage compression, single stage turbine,
    • first four stages of compression have variable stator vanes
  4. what do variable stator vanes do?
    help improve engine stall margins, and improve acceleration characteristics.
  5. What is the accessory gear box linked to ?
    What is on the accessory gearbox?
    • drive shaft to N2 rotor.
    • Generator, engine driven fuel pump, hydraulic pump, oil pump.
  6. What stage air is used for air condition, pressurization and antiice?
    5th and 9th stage bleed air.
  7. How many ignition systems?
    2 AC ignition sytems.
  8. What does the igniters get their power from?
    • Left igniter AC Transfer Bus
    • Right Igniter AC Stby Bus.
  9. What hydraulic system controls Thrust reverser#1, #2?STBY?
    • Sys A- engine 1 reverser
    • Sys B - engine 2 reverser
    • STBY- backup for both reversers.
  10. Blue fuel valve closed light indicates?
    • shows the position of the Fuel shutoff Valve.
    • Dim= closed
    • Bright= in transit
  11. Amber Fuel Filter Bypass light indicates?
    impeding filter bypass due to contamination.
  12. Which engine is noramlly started first?
    No 2 then 1.
  13. When does start lever get moved to IDLE position?
    What happens at 46% N2?
    • N2 > 25% N1>0%
    • start switch is denergized , ignition deactivated and starter valve closed.
  14. what is minimum oil for dispatch?
  15. What is difference when igniters are selected to FLT as opposed to GND&CONT?
    • FLT- both igniters are activated. 
    • GND & CONT - selected igniter is active.
  16. Amber reverser unlcked lights illuminate when?
    one or both reversers are not locked in stowed position or when reversers are deployed. extinguish when stowed and locked.
  17. Amber Reverser lights illuminate when?
    • isolation valve or directional control valve not in command position. when stowing process takes place.
    • disagreement between reverser and handle position. 
    • waits 12 seconds to illuminate.
  18. What is engine starter duty cycle?
    • 1st - 2 min on - 20 sec off
    • 2nd 2 min on - 3 min off.
  19. Amber PMC light illuminates when?
    Takeoff with oil pressure in ? is not allowed.
    • When PMC inop and N2 above 46% or its switched off. 
    • Amber
  20. Amber Low Idle illuminates when?
    When will it deactivate?
    • one or both eng operates below reqd RPM. below N1 25%. 
    • when start lever in cutoff in flight and on ground.
  21. What triggers a High Vibe?
    >4 units with constant power setting for two minutes.
  22. Amber Oil Filter Bypass Light illuminates when?
    scavenge oil filter is clogged.
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