737 Landing Gear

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  1. What powers the normal landing Gear extension and retraction?
    • Normally by system A 
    • alternately by system B
  2. What direction does the nose wheel and main gear retract?
    Nose retracts forward and mains sideways.
  3. What system controls the Brakes?
    • HYD sys B
    • alternately by HYD sys A
  4. Can you have autobrakes without antiskid protection?
  5. When do autobrakes deactivate?
    one or both brake pedals are depressed, speedbrake lever down detect, autobrake selected off.
  6. what happens in the different phases with autobrakes and RTO?
    below 60 kts?
    60-90 kts?
    >90 kts?
    • stay armed and active
    • autobrakes disarm, and no autobrakes.
    • autobrakes with max pressure.
  7. What instrument measures the brake Accumulator Pressure?
    HYD Brake Press Radial dial.
  8. how does gear retraction happen if we have an engine #1 failure?
    Uses EDP HYD #2 because it has more power than electric pump.
  9. What happens to braking if loss of one hydraulic system?
    The alternate source selector valve opens and gives pressure to brakes.
  10. What is lost if you use the alternate braking system?
    Lose touchdown protection and autobrakes.
  11. What is the alternate gear extension procedure?
    use manual gear extension, which releases the uplocks.
  12. What sytem powers the nosewheel system?
    Hydraulic sys A
  13. When is the brake accumulator used?
    If both brake systems are lost.
  14. Amber antiskid INOP light illuminates when?
    When does it operate?
    • Fault in Antiskid system.
    • On ground with wheel speed >8kts.
  15. What does parking brake light monitor?
    Parking brake lever only.
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