Growth and development

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  1. Posterior Fontanel Closes
    2-3 months
  2. Anterior fontanel closes?
    By 12-18 months
  3. Neonatal period is
    Birth to 1 Month
  4. Weight gained by neonatal
    5-7 ozs/week x 6 mos
  5. Ht of neonatal development
    20 in, grows 1 in/mo x 6 mos
  6. Suck and rooting reflexes (elicited by stroking the infants cheek) last from?
    Birth to 4 months
  7. Palmar grasp (Elicited by placing objects in an infants palm) last until?
    Birth to 3 months
  8. Plantar Grap ( Elicited by touching the sole of an infants foot) lasts till?
    Birth to 8 months
  9. Moro Reflex (elicited by allowing the head and trunk of an infant in a semi sitting position to fall backward to an angle of at least 30) lasts till?
    Birth to 4 months
  10. Startle Reflex (elictied by clapping hands or by a loud noise) lasts till?
    Birth to 4 months
  11. Tonic Neck Reflex ( elicited by turning an infants head to one side) lasts till?
    Birth to 3 to 4 months
  12. Babinski Reflex (elicited by stroking the outer edge of the sole of an infants foot up toward the toes) lasts till?
    Birth to 1 year
  13. Stepping (Elicited by holding an infant upright with his feet touching a flat surface) lasts till?
    Birth to 4 week
  14. Gross Motor Development
    Rolls back to side:
    Rolls abd to back:
    Rolls back to abd:
    Sites alone without support:
    Stands holding furniture:
    Crawls with abd on floor:
    Creeps with abd off floor:
    Cruises holding furniture:
    Walks well with one hand Held:
    • 4
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
    • 10-12
    • 12
  15. 1 month age
    Demonstrates head lag, has a gag reflex
  16. 2 months of age
    Lifts head off mattress when prone, holds hands in an open position
  17. 3 months age
    Raises head and shoulders off mattress when prone, only slight head lag, no longer has a grasp relfex
  18. 4 months age
    Rolls from back to side, places objects in mouth
  19. 5 months age
    Rolls from front to back, uses palmar grasp dominantly
  20. 6 months age
    Rolls from back to front, Holds bottle
  21. 7 months age
    bears full weight on feets, moves objects from hand to hand
  22. 8 months age
    sits unsupported, begins using pincer grasp
  23. 9 months age
    Pulls to a standing postion, creeps on hands and knees instead of crawling, has a crude pincer grasp
  24. 10 months age
    Changes from prone to a sitting position, graps rattle by its handle
  25. 11 months age
    Walks while holding onto something, places objects into a container
  26. 12 months age
    Sit down from a standing position, tries to build a two block tower without success
  27. _______ used for bottle feeding recommended for first 12 months
    Iron fortified formulas
  28. _______ Befor 6 MOS to avoid allergen
  29. how many days in between adding new foods to infants diet
    3 days
  30. Appropriate Solitary Play includes?
    Rattles, teething toys, nesting toys, playing pat-a-cake, playing with balls, reading books, mirrors, brightly colored toys, playing with blocks
  31. From birth Hepatitis B
  32. 2 months- Diphtheria and tetanus toxiods and pertussis, rotavirus, pneumococcal vaccine, and Hep B
  33. 4 months of age- DTaP, RV, IPV, Hib, PCV
  34. 6 months- DTap, IPV (6 to 18 months), PCV, and Hep B (6 to 12 months) RV; HiB
  35. 6 to 12 months- seasonal influenza vaccination yearly (the trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) is available as an intramuscular injection
  36. Anterior fontanel are closed by?
    18 months
  37. A toddler is what age range?
    1 to 3 years
  38. Knowledge that an object or person continues to exist when not seen heard or felt
    Object Permanence
  39. Need to maintain sameness and reliability, provides sense of comfort?
  40. Toddlers have how many decidious teeth by 2-3 years?
  41. Feed self completely by how many years?
    3 years old
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