Psy chap 6

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  1. CNS
    the brain and spinal cord
  2. Spinal cord
    it runs up and down the lengh of the back and transmit most messages between the body and brain
  3. peripheral nervous system(PNS)
    nerves branching from the spinal cord into the body
  4. neurons
    long thin cells of nerve tissue
  5. dendrite
    receive impulses or messages
  6. axon
    carries the impulses or mesasges
  7. myelin snealth
    insulates and protects the axon
  8. axon terminals
    small fibers that branch out at the end of the axon
  9. synapse
    the gap between nerve cells
  10. neurotransmitters
    chemicals released by neurons
  11. endorphin
    inhabits pain
  12. serotonin
    result in depression
  13. afferent
    sensory neurons
  14. efferent
    motor neurons
  15. somatic nervous system
    controls voluntary movement
  16. automatic nervous system
    controls internal biological functions
  17. hind brain
    involved in the basic process of life
  18. cerebellum
    controls posture ,balance , and voluntary movement
  19. medula
    controls breathing and heart rate
  20. pons
    bridge between the spinal cord and the brain
  21. midbrain
    sensory the information and relays it upward
  22. RAS (reticular activating system)
    alerts the rest of the brain to incoming signals and is involved in the sleep and wake system
  23. forebrain
    covers the brains control core , responsible for sensory and motor control and the processing of thinkinglanguage
  24. thalamus
    relay station for all information that travels to and from cortex
  25. hypothalamus
    controls hunger, thirst and sexual behavior
  26. cerebral cortex
    outer layer
  27. cerebrum
    inner layer
  28. limbic system
    regulate emotions and motivations
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