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  1. note: cosmology, origin myths
    -exist in all culture
  2. note: natural forces affect living things
    -change is ever present
  3. process of change through time
    -living organism struggle to survive
  4. no change after creation by aristotle
    fixity of species
  5. opposed the geocentrism:the idea that the sun revolves around the earth.
    He argued for Heliocentrism: earth revolves around the sun
    Nic holaus Copernicus
  6. Naturalist "systema naturae"
    Taxonomy- classification method of all living organism
  7. Inheritance of acquired characteristic
    acquired during individual lifetime then inherited by offspring. he also observed environmental effect.
    jean Baptiste lamarck
  8. sailed on HMS Beagle
    circumnavigated globe
    -ships naturalist-recorded variation in isolated species.
    Charles darwin
  9. have similar theory as Charles Darwin, but independent from darwin
    Alfred russel wallace
  10. Darwin publish theory of?
    On origin on species by means of natural selection in 1859.
  11. note: natural selection in action
    -mechanism of adaptation: individual with the most suitable traits "selected": population slowly reshaped.
  12. Austrian monk-spent 7yrs hybridizing pea plants. he discovered way traits passed on.
    Genes: units of hereditary information, code for traits
  13. Note: Darwinian-natural selection
    mendelian-genetic inheritance
  14. Note:
    gradual genetic change due to:
    selective pressure-natural selection, sexual selection.

    operates at individual level:
    -those with the most suitable traits survive and pass on genes.
     incremental genetic changes reshape population(evolution)
  15. Note: Homo habilis or handy man

    few Homo habilis fossils show variation in morphology
  16. Note: Homo erectus or Upright man
    -Bi-facial hand axe
  17. Note: Homo neanderthalensis
    -ice age europe
    their cranium: long, low and wide. large nasal aperture. occipital bun.
  18. Note: emergence of homo sapiens arose in Africa.
    selective pressure- drove behavioral and social changes.
    anatomically modern human-high cranial vault indicates COGNITIVE changes
  19. Means of adaption:
    • -cultural complexity
    • -language
  20. are all homo sapiens migrated from Africa?
  21. Notes: human in the upper paeolithic
    40k to 10k in ice age europe
    -homo sapiens "cro magnon"
    very short legs
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