BIOL 189 Exam 1 Graphing

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  1. What is the
    difference between a dependent variable and independent variable?
    • Dependent variable (aka response)-
    • variable that is measured: may respond to independent variable

    • Independent variable (aka controlled
    • or manipulated)-variable under control of the experimenter
  2. What goes on
    the x-axis(horizontal), independent or dependent?
    Independent or controlled variable
  3. What are the
    general features of s figure or table and its caption?
    Figure (Graphs):

    Must have some quantitative data

    • More flexible and visually oriented
    • for complex information

    Every axis should have a title

    • Units must be specific on each axis,
    • if applicable

    • Caption is placed below figure/graph
    • and contains a description



    • Qualitative or categorical
    • quantitative data

    Best for small numbers of categories

    • Every column (and, if appropriate,
    • row) should have a title

    Units must me specific

    • Captions are places above the table
    • and have a description
  4. What types of
    information are appropriate to show in a table? A scatter plot? A line plot? A
    bar graph? A pie graph?
    • Table: Qualitative or categorical quantitative
    • data

    • Scatter plot: Quantitative continuous
    • x- and y-axes

    • Line plot: Quantitative continuous x-
    • and y-axes

    • Bar graph: Quantitative categorical or
    • qualitative x-axis and quantitative continuous y-axis

    • Pie graph: Categorical labels: measured variable
    • sensibly expressed as part of a single whole (proportion)
  5. What are
    quantitative data? Qualitative data? Categorical data? Continuous data?
    • Quantitative data- order of values
    • matters

    • -categorical-groups which can be
    • ordered

    -continuous-numerical values

    Qualitative data-cannot be ordered

    -categorical only
  6. Essay Question: Lou was studying
    the relationship between height at the shoulder and mass for many different
    animals.  He chose a set of animal
    species to represent a range of heights, then weighed them.

    -What are his independent and
    dependent variable?

    -Specify whether each variable
    is quantitative or qualitative? If they are quantitative, categorical or

    -Graph the data using
    appropriate figure.  Don’t forget the
    label for each axis and the caption.

    (Animal 1 was 10cm tall and
    weighed 5grams, Animal 2 was 25cm tall and weighed 13grams, Animal 3 was 50sm
    tall and weighed 40 grams, Animal 4 was 100cm tall and weighed 120grams)
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