compressors chapter 23

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  1. compression ratio in absolute pressure (psiga)
    • absolute discharge / by absolute suction = compression ratio
    • absolute = psiga 14.7
  2. Which of the following terminal combinations would show an open circuit if the internal overload device in a hermetic compressor should open due to excessive heat.
    • common to run 1 to 2
    • common to start 1 to 3
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  3. The clearance volume of a compressor cylinder is the
    volume of the space between the bottom of the valve plate and the top of the piston at top dead center
  4. The pulley on the motor is called the
    drive pulley
  5. The pulley on compressor is called the
    driven pulley
  6. If the compression ratio of a system with a reciprocating compressor increases, the amount of refrigerant pumped by the compressor
    will decrease
  7. If the compression ratio of a system with a reciprocating compressor decreases, the amount of refrigerant pumped by the compressor
    will increase
  8. On a direct drive compressor the ________ is used to connect the compressor shaft and motor shaft together
    flexible coupling
  9. Over heated oil may turn to carbon and create ______ in the system
  10. rotary compressors are used primarily in ______.
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    domestic refrigerators
  11. The discus valve design is more efficient than a flapper valve design because ________.
    it allows a compressor designed with less clearance volume
  12. flapper and read valves are use in the ______ compressor
  13. What could happen if a semi-hermetic compressor is operated with the suction service valve back seated and the discharge front seated
    the head of the compressor may blow off
  14. The shaft seal on open drive compressor  _______.
    keeps the refrigerant vapor in and atmosphere out of the compressor
  15. Liquid entering the compression chamber of the reciprocating compressor can lead to ________
    • damaged piston rings 
    • damaged valves
  16. Connecting rods connect to _______
    • crankshaft to the piston
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  17. On a direct drive compressor the _______ is used to insure proper aliment in a flexible coupling
    • dial indicator
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  18. The ______ valves in a reciprocating compressor opens and closes depending on the difference in pressure across them
    • suction and discharge
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  19. The screw type compressor is used primarily in ________.
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    large industrial refrigeration and aircondishing systems
  20. Because a scroll compressor has fewer moving parts, it operates much quieter then other compressor designs and technologies

                         true /false 
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  21. The semi hermetic is one type of reciprocating compressor  

                           true / false 
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  22. The scroll compressor is one type of reciprocating compressor

                             true /false 
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  23. Scroll compressors are becoming popular because they can handle some liquid flood back with out compressor damage

                           true / false
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  24. We use two stage compression on a system that would have a compression ratio that exceeds 8.5 : 1 ratio

                               true / false 
    • false
    • exceeds 10:1
  25. A bolted together motor compressor assembly are referred to as a hermetic type

                                 true/ false 
    • false 
    • semi-hermetic
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  26. On a belt drive compressor the driven pulley is attached to the compressor

                           true /false  
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