Chapter I Psychology

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  1. Describe the contributions of early developmental scientists: Darwin, Hall, Gesell and Piaget
    • Darwin: early documentation of his kids "baby biographies"
    • Hall: introduced the concepts of norms
    • Gesell: studied maturational milestones of development 
    • Piaget: identified stages of cognitive development
  2. explain the importance of the lifespan perspective
    • information from a variety of disciplines is needed to understand lifespan development. 
    • today's developmentalists recognize change happens throughout life, development occurs in multiple contexts, and plasticity exists throughout a lifespan
  3. describe the Interactionist model of development
    believe that every developmental change is a product of both nature and nurture
  4. explain development in terms of continuity and discontinuity
    development is a matter of changes in both degree (continuity) and kind (discontinuity).
  5. the goals of developmental scientists are to ______,______,_____ and ______ age-related changes.
    • Describe
    • Explain
    • Predict 
    • Influence
  6. identify 5 ethical standards that psychologists must follow
    • Consent
    • Protection from Harm
    • Confidentiality 
    • Knowledge of Results
    • Deception
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