Ch 5

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  1. Why study the Ocean?
    It's a major food source, Coastal zones for people to live, Source of energy generation via tides, ocean currents, and off-shore wind farms.
  2. The importance of the Ocean?
    It's a top component of the Earth's climate system. 
  3. The global Ocean heat content, from 2012 to 2013 seems to be...
  4. The ocean plays a major role in which cycle?
    The Carbon Cycle!
  5. The components of the Earth System can interact in what way?
    In an orderly way.
  6. The Ocean has a major influence on...
    Earth's weather and climate.
  7. The Oceans central role in climate change is evidenced by its absorption of what?
    Heat and Carbon Dioxide.
  8. For mapping the Earth conformality is where....
    all small features on Earth's Surface retain their original shapes on the map. Flat Map
  9. To preserve equal areas map all areas on the map are...
    the same size everywhere. This is a looks like a sphere but its also flat.
  10. A globe map is both..
    Conformal and equal area, There by eliminating the distortions from flat maps.
  11. The Ocean is an extremely valuable natural resource that provides...
    Food, transportation, recreational use, and is a source of minerals and energy.
  12. The Ocean covers what percent of the Earth?
  13. The average depth of the ocean is?
    14,000 ft (or 4300 m)
  14. What is the primary mover of energy in the Earth System?
    Water! It is moved from where there is a lot to where there isn't much.
  15. The Ocean is the primary source of atmospheric what?
  16. No matter how remote or how high, wind can..
    transport water vapor and the latent heat absorbed during evaporation to every location on Earth.
  17. Water is transported to the ocean via...
    Stream flow and groundwater flow.
  18. What occurs over the ocean adding freshwater directly to the ocean surface?
  19. what is evidence of heat driven uphill?
    The circulation of clouds and vapor in the atmosphere.
  20. What is evidence of gravity driven downhill journey to the ocean?
    Rain and snow
  21. Evaporation of ocean water is a natural what?
    Distillation process. It is the principal source of freshwater in the global water cycle.
  22. The Atlantic is saltier because?
    The atlantic ocean basin loses more water to the atmosphere by evaporation than it receives by precipitation and other sources causing it to be saltier.
  23. The ultimate source of energy that lifts and transports the atmospheric water is?
    Solar energy
  24. The source of energy that returns water to the ocean is?
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