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  1. For purposes of a Valid electronic prescription in MD, who certifies the electronic intermediaries?
    Transmitted via electronic intermediaries that are certified by the Maryland Health Care Commission (NOT by the Maryland State Board of Pharmacy)
  2. Can a Pharmacy intern take an original oral prescription and reduce to writing?
    Only a pharmacist may take an original oral prescription by a voice messaging system or by phone with the pharmacist reading back the prescription to the prescriber or the prescriber’s agent
  3. Can an APPE student provide prescription counselling to a patient?
    In the operation of a pharmacy, only a licensed pharmacist or an individual engaging in a professional experience program and acting under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist may provide information to the public or a health care practitioner concerning prescription or nonprescription drugs or devices including information as to their therapeutic values, potential side effects, and use in the treatment and prevention of diseases.
  4. Can a patient be handed a prescription that is signed electronically?
    No. Once a prescription is handed to the patient it is no longer an electronic prescription and must contain the handwritten, pen-to-paper signature of the prescriber.
  5. Can a Pharmacy technician accept transferred prescriptions in maryland?
    • Pharmacy Technician CANNOT:
    • Accept or transcribe new prescriptions;(13). Accept a transferred prescription;(15).
    • Accept the return of prescription drugs or devices directly from a patient.
  6. List Three things that the pharmacist CANNOT change on the Controlled substance prescription?
    • Patient’s name
    • Controlled substance prescribed (except for generic substitution permitted by state law)
    • Prescriber’s signature
  7. Which instances can the pharmacist receive an electronic prescription?
    • From a physicians office and it is handwritten
    • From an electronic intermediary who is certified by the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC)
  8. Can a Pharmacy Student in an APPE administer vaccinations?
    • A pharmacy student in a Pharmacy Experiential Program, who has successfully completed a Board-approved certification course, may administer vaccinations under direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist who meets requirements in §A of this regulation.
    • ONLY during an APPE
  9. Which type of hood should be used in preparing chemotherapy?
    Vertical or Horizontal
    All anti-neoplastic drugs shall be compounded in a vertical flow, Class II, biological safety cabinet, or similar preparation area
  10. Does labelling requirements apply to an in-patient in the hospital?
    • Labelling requirements dont apply in the following:
    • a. To an inpatient in a hospital or related institution;
    • b. In an emergency situation;
    • c. As a sample drug or device dispensed in the regular course of the authorized prescriber's practice
  11. Does a licensed Pharmacist require a permit to distribute dialysis equipment?
    A licensed pharmacist may distribute dialysis drugs and devices under this section without the home dialysis distribution permit otherwise required by this section.
  12. DEA Forms 41, 22, 222,
    • Return
    • Order Theft
  13. Verifying a DEA number
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