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  1. Detects radials and displays it on the EHSI
    VOR receiver
  2. VOR stations frequency range
    108.0-117.95 MHz
  3. VORTAC stations transmit in a _____ scheme
    Frequency pairing
  4. The VOR signal is received through two combo _____ antennas, mounted where?
    • NAV/GS/ILS
    • Each side of vert stab
  5. VOR signals are passed to and processed by the _____, located where?
    • VHF NAV receiver
    • Right avionics bay
  6. VOR stations are tuned through the _____
  7. Localizer frequency
    108.10-111.95 MHz
  8. Glideslope frequency
    329.15-335.00 MHz
  9. Marker beacon frequency
    75 MHz
  10. Processed through the same antennas on the sides of the vertical fin and by the same receiver in the right avionics bay
    Localizer and Glideslope
  11. Located on the bottom of the fuselage just in front of the ventral fin
    Marker beacon antenna
  12. Processed by the navigation receiver in the right avionics bay
    Marker beacon
  13. The ILS and glideslope signals are received and processed through the same antennas and receiver as the _____ system
  14. _____ must first be selected as the nav data source to properly display localizer on the EHSI
  15. With the localizer frequency active, the _____ replaces the VOR data in the EHSI upper left corner
    Localizer distance and TTG
  16. What is added to the EADI when LOC is selected on the EHSI
    • Glideslope scale and pointer (right)
    • Localizer scale and lateral position indicator (bottom)
    • Marker beacon annunciator (lower right)
  17. DME UHF frequency range
  18. Error b/t DME display and horizontal distance to the station _____ as the airplane gets closer
  19. DME error is more pronounced with _____ altitude aircraft
  20. DME UHF range
    Up to 199 nm depending on altitude
  21. DME antenna location
    Bottom of aircraft in front of marker beacon antenna
  22. DME receiver location
    Right avionics bay
  23. DME info is provided automatically and is displayed on the EHSI when? (Info included on slide labeled 1)
    A nav facility has DME capability
  24. 1
    • Distance (slant range)
    • AC GS
    • TTG
  25. Used when flying an approach to one nav facility that requires DME info from another facility
  26. DMEH process
    • Press DMEH
    • Press right mode select button
    • Set new frequency in primary nav position
  27. When DMEH is activated, the frequency in _____ of the held facility will replace the ground speed readout below the distance field
  28. TTG when DMEH is active
  29. When DMEH is active, DME HOLD is displayed on the _______
  30. Used to overcome radio wave interruption
  31. Airborne portion of the ATC radar beacon system
  32. Transponder AKA
    Secondary radar
  33. Any aircraft within line-of-sight and equipped with a transponder set to the same code responds _____ by sending back a coded signal
  34. ATC uses Mode _____ and _____ separate codes for traffic control
    • A
    • 4096
  35. Unique 4 digit code assigned to each aircraft
  36. Adds automatic altitude reporting to the basic mode "A" ID feature
    Mode C
  37. Altitude info is provided by the _____ via the _____ for altitude encoding and transmission by the transponder
    • ADC
    • Data bus
  38. Pilot's cue to switch the transponder to Mode C operation through the RMU
  39. Transponder location
    Right avionics bay
  40. Transponder antenna location
    Bottom of fuselage just in front of the wing
  41. Transponder is controlled through the _____
  42. Transponder code knobs operate which digits?
    • Outer - first 2
    • Inner - third and fourth
    Press mode select switch on right side of field to change from ON to ALT
  44. IDT transmits for how long?
    20 seconds
  45. Transponder will not ident while in the _____ mode
  46. Transponder circuit breaker
  47. Evaluates collision avoidance data and provides traffic info to the visual and audio displays
    NACWS computer
  48. NACWS computer location
    Left avionics bay
  49. NACWS antennas - number and location
    • 2
    • Top of cowling in front of windscreen; Bottom of fuselage near wing trailing edge
  50. NACWS is enabled when aircraft is powered and the switch is
  51. Number of aural tones during NACWS self-test
  52. NACWS INOP will extinguish and system will begin to operate when?
    Airborne and WOW
  53. How to perform manual NACWS self-test
    Simultaneously press range button while squeezing trigger
  54. NACWS activation (manual)
    Pull trigger to second detent
  55. NACWS info is displayed for how long after trigger pull?
    7 seconds
  56. The NACWS system normally operates in the _____ mode
  57. NACWS system uses known location of a ground secondary surveillance radar station along with aircraft gps position and AHRS heading info to triangulate aircraft position of up to _____ aircraft
    • 35
    • Passive mode
  58. The T6 cannot ID aircraft that are not equipped with a _____
  59. NACWS shows location and altitude of up to _____ of the most threatening aircraft
  60. NACWS range includes traffic advisories down to the _____ NM display
  61. NACWS upward pointing triangle
    Traffic b/t 400-900 ft above present altitude
  62. NACWS + or - sign
    Vertical separation
  63. NACWS rectangle
    Traffic within 300 ft of aircraft altitude
  64. NACWS flashing and filled rectangle
    Traffic advisory
  65. NACWS downward pointing triangle
    Traffic b/t 400-900 ft below present altitude
  66. NACWS upward or downward triangle with no altitude tag
    1000-2700 ft off altitude
  67. NACWS white circle
    Traffic unknown altitude
  68. NACWS any yellow filled and flashing symbol
    Traffic considered a collision danger
  69. NACWS - any white, open, non-flashing symbol
    No threat
  70. NACWS system interrogates other aircraft transponders w/in a 6 NM radius and calculates their range ad relative altitude
    Active mode
  71. NACWS active mode transponder radius
    6 NM
  72. NACWS active mode - number of threatening aircraft displayed
  73. Only traffic displayed in active mode
    Traffic NACWS considers possible conflicts
  74. NACWS ranges
    • 20
    • 10
    • 5
    • 3
    • 1.5
  75. NACWS enroute mode range
    • 20
    • 10
    • 5
    • 3
  76. NACWS enroute mode protection zone
    +/- 500 ft vertically w/a 1 NM radius
  77. Aircraft detected within _____ seconds of protection zone will cause ______ flashing symbol and _____ slow aural tones
    • 20
    • Yellow
    • 6
  78. When is NACWS in landing mode?
    When range is set to 1.5 NM
  79. Landing mode protection zone
    +/- 500 ft vertically with a radius of .1 NM
  80. NACWS landing mode protection zone - aircraft detected within _____ seconds
  81. A Normal/Below/Above pushbutton selector switch is located on the _____ and used to select the _____
    • Control stick
    • Airspace volume limits
  82. TAS - Normal mode, traffic is displayed b/t _____ ft
    2700 above and below
  83. TAS above mode
    • Used during climb
    • 8700 ft above
    • 2700 ft below
  84. TAS below mode
    • Used on descents
    • 8700 ft below
    • 2700 ft above
  85. TAS range selections
    • 3
    • 5
    • 10
    • 20
    • 40 NM
  86. TAS green range ring represent a ____ mile radius
  87. Greater range = _____ range ring
  88. Range rings disappear at _____ NM
  89. TAS is not a _____ function, and must be independently selected from each cockpit
  90. TAS receives altitude and speed data from
  91. TAS antennas (# and location)
    • 2
    • upper - top of engine cowling
    • lower - bottom of fuselage ahead of speed brake
  92. TAS tracks w/in a _____ NM radius and within _____ ft above or below the aircraft
    • 40
    • 10,000
  93. TAS warnings
    • Proximate traffic
    • Traffic advisory
  94. Intruders that do not qualify as either proximate or TA
    Other traffic
  95. TAS filled white diamond
    Aircraft within +/- 1200 feet relative altitude and 5 NM range
  96. Displayed to indicate whether traffic is climbing or descending relative to your aircraft
    Trend arrow
  97. TAS filled yellow circle
    Intruding aircraft considered potentially hazardous
  98. TAS displays TA when the time to closest point of intruder aircraft approach is _____ seconds
  99. TAS audio messages are inhibited when
    Landing gear is extended
  100. TAS is in sensitivity level "A" when
    Landing gear is extended
  101. TAS level "A" issues TA when...
    • Vertical separation of less than 600 ft will occur in 20 seconds; Closing rate of intruder is maintained
    • Vertical separation less than 600 ft and horizontal sep less than 0.2 NM
    • Horizontal sep from non-altitude reporting intruder is within 15 seconds or 0.2 NM
  102. TAS is in sensitivity level B when...
    Landing gear is retracted (up)
  103. TAS open white diamond
    • Intruder's relative altitude is greater than 1,200' relative altitude OR
    • Distance is beyond 5 NM
  104. TAS - half of the traffic symbol
    Aircraft beyond selected display range
  105. TAS test indications - Yellow filled circle will appear at the ____ o'clock position at ____ NM range, _____ ft below and climbing
    • 9
    • 2
    • 200
  106. TAS test indications - solid white diamond appears at the ____ o'clock position at ____ NM, ____ ft below, descending
    • 1
    • 3.6
    • 1000
  107. TAS test indications - Open white diamond will appear at the ____ o'clock position, _____ NM range, and ____ ft above and in level flight
    • 11
    • 3.6
    • 1000
  108. TAS yellow filled circle
  109. TAS solid white diamond
    Proximity traffic
  110. TAS is displayed on the
  111. GPS antenna location
    Top front edge of vert stab
  112. For either GPS to be used, what must be on and functioning properly?
    Front cockpit unit
  113. GPS data is displayed on the
    • GPS unit
    • EHSI
  114. Info on the left side of the GPS (always the same)
    • DIS
    • OBS
    • RM
    • ANNUN ON
  115. If TEST FAIL replaces ANNUN ON display, _____
    Recycle power to the unit
  116. GPS date and time are stored in _____ memory
  117. How to accept self test results
    Turn right outer knob to put cursor over APPROVE?, then press enter
  118. Default page for the left side of the display
    NAV 2
  119. On initial activation, data on the NAV 2 page may be replaced with dashes until _____
    Satellite signals are required
  120. When the cursor is on, a ____ replaces the page name in the ____ corner screen segments
    • CRSR annunciation
    • Lower
  121. Used to select the page types for the left and right sides of the screen respectively
    Outer knobs
  122. First step in making any change (GPS)
    Ensure you are on the correct GPS page
  123. Alerts you that there is a situation which may require your attention (GPS)
    Flashing MSG
  124. Used to create a user-defined waypoint at your current position
    SAVE button
  125. Allows you to define the course to the active waypoint
  126. GPS capability used most
    Flight plan
  127. GPS can store up to _____ flight plans in memory
  128. Each flight plan may contain up to _____ waypoints
  129. Active flight plan is always labeled _____
    FPL 0
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