Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 9

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  1. acclamation
    n. a shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approval
  2. acclamation
    ovation, cheering, plaudits (syn.)
  3. acclamation
    booing, hissing, jeers, catcalls (ant.)
  4. bucolic
    adj. characteristic of the countryside, rural; relating to shepherds and cowherds, pastoral
  5. bucolic
    rustic (syn.)
  6. bucolic
    metropolitan (ant.)
  7. calumniate
    v. to slander; to accuse falsely and maliciously
  8. calumniate
    defame, libel (syn.)
  9. calumniate
    flatter, whitewash, praise (ant.)
  10. chary
    adj. extremely cautious, hesitant, or slow (to); reserved, diffident
  11. chary
    skittish (syn.)
  12. chary
    heedless, reckless, incautious (ant.)
  13. collusion
    n. a secret agreement or cooperation
  14. collusion
    conspiracy, plot, connivance (syn.)
  15. dilettante
    n. a dabbler in the arts; one who engages in an activity in an amateurish, trifling way
  16. dilettante
    adj. superficial
  17. dilettante
    amateur (syn.)
  18. dilettante
    professional (ant.)
  19. imperturbable
    adj. not easily excited; emotionally steady
  20. imperturbable
    unflappable, unexcitable, serene, unruffled (syn.)
  21. imperturbable
    excitable (ant.)
  22. increment
    n. an enlargement, increase, addition
  23. increment
    accretion (syn.)
  24. increment
    reduction, decrease (ant.)
  25. mandate
    n. an authoritative command, formal order, authorization
  26. mandate
    v. to issue such an order
  27. mandate
    directive (syn.)
  28. mandate
    forbid, ban, outlaw (ant.)
  29. paltry
    adj. trifling, insignificant; mean, despicable; inferior, trashy
  30. paltry
    measly, meager, piddling, trivial (syn.)
  31. paltry
    gigantic, immense (ant.)
  32. paroxysm
    n. a sudden outburst; a spasm, convulsion
  33. paroxysm
    fit, seizure (syn.)
  34. pedantry
    n. a pretentious display of knowledge; overly rigid attention to rules and details
  35. pedantry
    nit-picking, pettifoggery (syn.)
  36. peregrination
    n. the act of traveling; an excursion, especially on foot or to a foreign country
  37. peregrination
    journey, wandering, odyssey (syn.)
  38. redolent
    adj. fragrant, smelling strongly; tending to arouse memories or create an aura
  39. redolent
    evocative, reminiscent, aromatic (syn.)
  40. redolent
    unevocative, odorless (ant.)
  41. refulgent
    adj. shining, radiant, resplendent
  42. refulgent
    splendid (syn.)
  43. refulgent
    dim, dark, obscure, dingy, dull (ant.)
  44. shibboleth
    n. a word, expression, or custom that distinguishes a particular group of persons from all others; a commonplace saying or truism
  45. shibboleth
    password, slogan (syn.)
  46. tyro
    n. a beginner, novice; one with little or no background or skill
  47. tyro
    neophyte (syn.)
  48. tyro
    veteran, past master, expert (ant.)
  49. unremitting
    adj. not stopping, maintained steadily, never letting up, relentless
  50. unremitting
    incessant, unrelenting (syn.)
  51. unremitting
    desultory, intermittent (ant.)
  52. vacillate
    v. to swing indecisively from one idea or course of action to another; to waver weakly in mind or will
  53. vacillate
    fluctuate, oscillate (syn.)
  54. vacillate
    persevere (ant.)
  55. vituperative
    adj. harshly abusive, severely scolding
  56. vituperative
    abusive, scurrilous, insulting (syn.)
  57. vituperative
    complimentary, laudatory, flattering (ant.)
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