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  1. SWOT analysis:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  2. Possible Strengths to list on resume:
    • Relevant work experience
    • Advance education
    • Knowledge base
    • Communication skills w/ people
    • Computer skills
    • Self-managed learning skills
    • Flexibility
  3. Possible weaknesses:
    • Ineffective communication and people skills
    • Inflexibility
    • Lack of interest in further education
    • Difficulty adapting to change
    • Inability to see healthcare as a business
    • Lack of passion
  4. How to find out how hospitals are hiring:
    On campus job fairs

    Facility job fairs

    Job Postings

    Networking with friends, family, and previous employers

    Social Media
  5. First impression the recruiter and potential manager has about you:

    • highlights your skills, talents, abilities
    • *purpose is to get you an interview
  6. Reasons for preparing resume:
    •Assists in completing an employment application

    •Demonstrates your potential

    •Focuses on your strengths

    •Gives you credit for your achievements

    •Identifies you as organized, prepared and serious about the job search

    •Serves as a reminder and adds to your self-confidence during the interview

    •Provides initial introduction to potential employers

    •Helps potential employers understand your goals
  7. Appearance for Interview:
    • Women – Suite (navy, black or dark
    • grey), suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably, coordinated conservative blouse, conservative shoes, limited jewelry, professional hairstyle, neutral pantyhose, light make-up and perfume, neatly manicured clean nails, portfolio or briefcase

    Men- Suite solid color– (navy or dark grey), long sleeve shirt (coordinated with suit), belt, tie, dark socks, conservative leather shoes, little or no jewelry, neat, professional hairstyle, limit the aftershave, neatly trimmed nails
  8. Arrive to interview at least ___ min before scheduled time
    15 min
  9. Body language during interview:
    •Turn off cell phone

    •Always introduce yourself

    •Use good eye contact, address your interviewers by name

    •Use good listening skills

    •Sit up straight and do not slouch

    •Smile and nod occasionally

    •Do not fold your arms across your check and keep hands at your sides or in your lap

    •Use proper grammar and diction

    •Avoid the use of yeah, uh-huh, um, you know or like
  10. Introduction to Behavioral Interview
    • Traditionally, interview questions have
    • focused on the education, experience, and knowledge of the candidate.  While these questions can be useful and provide valuable information, recent research indicates that the best prediction occurs when questions focus on the behavior of the candidates. 

    • •Behavioral description
    • •Situational judgment
    • •STAR Technique
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