PoliSci Short answers part 1

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  1. Power is defined as "the factors that enable one actor to change another actors's behavior against its preference". In class we discussed multiple examples of this factor. Please list and explain how it can be used as power against another state:
    Population_ the bigger a country us, the bigger and more intimidating they we bill. WHICH WILL LEAD TO THEM HAVING MORE POWEER
  2. Explain Realist view on human nature and how this affects their outlook on international relations
    Their view on human nature is that humans are born selfish. This effects their out look on international relations because their always trying to get the upper hand out of any situations. Military, the economy, etc. everything is a competition
  3. Geopolitical factors, such as location, can influence how much power a stae holds. Give an of how a state has been influenced by location in the past or current day
    The united states being secure throughout most of its history b/c vast oceans separated it from potential threats in Europe and Asia
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