that's english modulo 5 unit 9-3

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  1. propose a toast
    raise your glasses
    give a tip
    attract attention 
    make a speech at
    . I'd like to propose a toast  to Jim, Amy and their new son, Arthur.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please  raise your glasses ! To Jim, Amy and Arthur!

    2. When I take a taxi, I give  the driver a  tip, usually between one and three euros.

    3. I'm trying to  attract the waiter's attention . So that we can order more drinks.

    4. I have to make a speech  at my best friend's wedding. I'm really nervous about speaking in public.
  2. fiesta  de estreno de una casa

    • house-warming [ˈhaʊsˌwɔːmɪŋ]
    •  house-warming party)
  3. fiesta de compromiso
    engagement party [ɪnˈgeɪdʒmənt]
  4. aniversario de boda
    wedding anniversary [ˈwedɪŋ/ˌænɪˈv3ːsərɪ/
  5. fiesta por el nacimiento de un bebe
    baby shower
  6. fiesta de jubilación
    retirement  party [rɪˈtaɪəment]
  7. oraciones
  8. Which event(s)...
    • 1 would you celebrate with family?
    • 2 would you celebrate with your partner?
    • 3 celebrate(s) a new beginning?
    • 4 celebrate(s) something that is ending?
    • 5 would you take a present to?
    • 6 could take place at your work?
  9. llevar un regalo
    to take a present to
  10. expresando sorpresa y admiración
    • Cuando se quiere expresar sorpresa y admiración
    • se utilizan los siguientes conectores: so, such, how,
    • what, that.

    • He’s so big!
    • It’s such a surprise to see you here!
    • It’s such terrible weather at the moment.
    • They are such terrible kids!
    • What a wonderful party!
    • What adorable babies!
    • How cute!
    • That’s incredible!
    • That’s an amazing achievement!
  11. grammar inviitar y aceptar o rechazar
    Se pueden realizar invitaciones de manera formal o de manera coloquial.

    • Formal
    • Would you like to come to the Christmas party?Could I possibly invite you to go to my sister’s wedding with me?

    • Informal o coloquial
    • How about going to the school reunion together?
    • What about going to the school reunion together on Saturday?
    • Do you fancy coming to the concert with me?

    Accepting and Refusing Invitations

    Para aceptar y rechazar invitaciones, se utilizan expresiones como I’d like that!, Good idea!, I’d love to but..., Sorry I can’t,...
  12. formas de preguntar
    • formal
    • would you possibly like to……………?

    could i possibly(quiz as, tal vez) intite you to…….?


    • how about …….ing
    • what about  ….ing
    • do you fancy …….ing
  13. ejemplos invitaciones
    Would you and Aunt May possibly like to come to the baby-shower on Sunday afternoon?

    would you and Jeff like to come to the babyshower on Sunday afternoon?

    we would like to ask you to come along, you and your wife, of course.

    Do you fancy coming?

    • How about bringing that boyfriend of yours?
    • porque no vienes con tu novio?
  14. acompañar, venir con nosotros
    • come along
    • come along with

    (=accompany) acompañar

    • are you coming along?
    •  ¿vienes?, ¿nos acompañas?

    • you'll have to come along with me to the station ( venir conmigo)
    • usted tendrá que acompañarme a la comisaría
  15. dialogo 1
    Clive: Hello. Uncle Brian? It's Clive here.

    Uncle Brian: Oh hello, Clive! What a surprise! How are you?

    Clive: I'm fine, thank you. In fact, Sarah and I have just had a baby. Would you and Aunt May possibly like to come to the baby-shower on Sunday afternoon?

    Uncle Brian: A baby-shower? Congratulations! Yes, it would be our pleasure. Thank you for inviting us.

    Clive: Not at all. We'll see you soon. Goodbye.
  16. gracias por invitarnos
    thank for inviting us
  17. dialogo 2
    Clive: Hey, Jenny?

    Jenny: Hey Clive! How are you? It was so good seeing you and Sarah the other day. And Anna's such a beautiful baby.

    Clive: Ta very much, yes, she is, isn't she? Listen, would you and Jeff like to come to the babyshower on Sunday afternoon?

    Jenny: Oh Clive! I'm really sorry, we can't. It's Jeff's parents' wedding anniversary... But how about we come round the following weekend?

    Clive: Sounds great. I'll call you later about it. Bye for now.

    Jenny: Yes, take care.
  18. lo siento mucho
    I'm really sorry,
  19. coloquiar: dejarse ver, pasar por, venir ( visita)
    come around

    •  If you come round later, we can do our homework together. 
    • Si te dejas caer más tarde, podemos hacer los deberes juntos.
    • . Si te pasas más tarde, podemos hacer los deberes juntos.

    But how about we come round the following weekend?

    que te parece si pasamos el siguiente fin de semana?
  20. dialogo 3
    Clive: Good evening. Is John there? It's Clive.

    Clive Marshall.Older woman: Hello Clive. I'll just get him

    .John: Clive? What can I do for you?

    Clive: Good evening, John. Sorry to call you at home, but we're organising a baby-shower this Sunday afternoon, and we would like to ask you to come along, you and your wife, of course.

    John: Ah. Sunday afternoon. Um, yes, yes, why not. Thank you for inviting us.

    Clive: It's our pleasure. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

    John: Yes, OK, see you on Sunday. Cheerio.
  21. estoy deseando verte el domingo
    i look forward  to seeing you on sunday
  22. es un placer ( por nuestra parte)
    it's our pleasure
  23. dialogo 4
    Clive: Polly?

    Polly: Hi Clive. How can I help you?

    Clive: We're having Anna's baby-shower this Sunday. Do you fancy coming?

    Polly: Oh yes! Great idea. I've bought your Anna a little present so I'll bring it round then.

    Clive: Ah, cheers. That's really nice of you.

    Polly: Don't mention it.

    Clive: How about bringing that boyfriend of yours?

    Polly: Mark? Ah, he can't come. He's got a school reunion or something.

    Clive: Perhaps another time.Polly: Yeah, sure.
  24. de nada ( respuesta a you're welcome)
    Not at all.

    Don't mention it. /ˈmenʃən/
  25. podría invitarte a cenar conmigo en el palace el sábado?

    Could I possibly invite  you  to come to dinner with me at The Palace on Saturday?
  26. te apetece ver The Sound of Music en el Savoy la proxima semana?
    Do you fancy  seeing The Sound of Music at the Savoy next weekend?
  27. podrias ser mi pareja en la fiesta de pedida de mi primo?

    Could I possibly ask  you to be  my partner at my cousin's engagement party?
  28. repuesta a llamadas
    hello….   what can i do for you?

    hi……  how can i help you?

    hey… How are you? 

    oh hello.. what a surprise, how are you?
  29. llamada
    good evening is john there? it's clive

    hey  Jenny?

    Hello, uncle Brian? it's clive here
  30. hasta luego!
    Cheerio (informal) [ˈtʃɪərɪˈəʊ]
  31. invitaciones
    what about going out  for dinner on saturday?

    do you fancy coming to a party with me?

    do you fancy going for a drink after work?

    would you like to go skiing next weekend
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