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  1. What is a foal watch kit?
    tests levels of calcium in mare's milk to predict time of foaling
  2. What are some signs of labor?
    • waxing
    • going off feed
    • isolation
    • pacing
    • restlessness
    • laying down
    • vulva changes
    • relaxation of rear end
    • bagging up
  3. What should you do with a mare when labor is detected?
    • move them to a clean foaling area
    • clean/disinfect external genitalia and udder
    • wrap tail
  4. What are the three stages of parturition?
    • preparation
    • birth
    • placental passage
  5. What happens in the 1st stage?
    • cervix dilates
    • mares appear nervous and restless
    • takes 45 minutes to 4 hours
    • can show signs of stage 1 labor weeks or days before foaling
  6. What happens in the 2nd stage of parturition?
    • signaled by water breaking
    • rapid (less than 20-30 minutes)
  7. What happens if labor lasts more than 35 minutes?
    could be dystocia
  8. What is dystocia?
    birthing difficulty
  9. What causes dystocia?
    • malposition of the foal
    • (front leg folded back, wry neck, upside down foal)
  10. What are some treatments for dystocia?
    • continue with labor
    • reposition the foal
    • c-section
  11. How do foals come out?
    • front feet first
    • then head on the knees
  12. What happens in stage 3 of parturition?
    • uterus shrinks and the placenta or after-birth is expelled
    • placenta should be examined for tears and signs of infection
  13. What should be done to the mare after foaling?
    • clean mare up and inspect for signs of tearing/abnormal bleeding
    • remove tail wrap
    • observe mare and foal for bonding behavior
  14. What should you monitor a mare for the week after giving birth?
    • signs of infection/health issues
    • acceptance of foal
    • foal heat
  15. How quick does a mare come back into heat after having a foal?
    • 6-10 days
    • ovulates at 8-14 days
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