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  1. How does a sale differ from a contract to sell?
    A sale is only when the title passes from the seller to the buyer.
  2. What do orders sometimes contain clauses for?
    That the firm is not obligated by its salesperson's statements.
  3. ______ __ _____ _____ is when the buyer assumes responsibility and risk for goods during transportation/shipping.
    Free on Board Factory
  4. ____ __ _____ _____ is when the seller has the title until goods are received at the destination. This means any damage/loss during the transportation of the goods is the responsibility of the seller.
    Free on Board Destination
  5. This refers to relationships that can leader to greater trust and cooperation but are illegal if one company forces another company to join the agreement
  6. This is where competitors work together while the customer is making a purchase decision.
  7. This was at one time illegal but is now practiced by some companies now. It revolves around establishing a minimum price that retailers can not go below when pricing their products.
    Resale Price Maintenance
  8. This is legal only if the reseller knows and approves of the incentives and if it's offered to ALL of the reseller's salespeople/employees.
    Special Incentives / Special Promotion Incentive Fund (SPIF)
  9. This is when a seller is giving unjustified special pricing/discounts to some customers and not to others.
    Price Discrimination
  10. This involves small sums of money or gifts typically made to low level people or government officials in countries where those types of payments are not illegal - often made to get the manager/official to do their job more quickly.
  11. This is the act of paying large sums of money to higher ranking officials, often to coerce them into illegal acts.
  12. Selling is all about creating what?
  13. What is the formula used for economic exchange & value?
    Benefits received - selling price & time to purchase = personal value.
  14. These are communication programs that coordinate the use of various vehicles of marketing
    Integrated Marketing Communications
  15. What are the communication methods?
    • Impersonal
    • Paid
    • Unpaid
    • Personal
  16. These were designed to reduce errors introduced by the selling system to practically zero
    six sigma selling programs
  17. These people work for the manufacturer and promote their products to other firms.
    Missionary Salespeople
  18. These are independent businesspeople that are paid a commission by the manufacturer for products and services sold.
    Manufacturers' agents.
  19. Sales jobs involving important decisions for customers differ greatly from sales jobs involving minor decisions - true or false?
  20. Ethical perceptions can vary from ____ to _____ and _____ to _____.
    country to country, industry to industry.
  21. Ethical principles don't usually change over time - true or fale?
    False - they can change over time sometimes frequently.
  22. These are issued to solicit responses/proposals from vendors.
    Request for Proposal (RFP)
  23. While assembling the solutioning team that will work on preparing a response to RFPs - we must insure that there is no _____ _____ __ ______ or ______ ______ __ ______ in play.
    Organizational Conflict of Interest / Personal Conflict of Interest
  24. These are the principles governing the behavior of an individual or a group.
  25. Salespeople who are less than ethical get caught in what?
    long term relationships
  26. This eliminates or reduces the buyer's choice unfairly
  27. With this, one may influence the buyer's decision, but the decision remains the buyer's.
  28. These are payments made to buyers to influence their purchase decisions
  29. These are payments made to buyers based on the amount of orders placed.
  30. This is when salespeople ignore the purchasing agent's policy and go around them to contact others directly involved in the purchasing decision.
    backdoor selling
  31. Customer records are considered what?
    trade secrets
  32. This is law based on legislation passed either by state legislatures or by ongress
    Statutory law
  33. These are laws established by local, state, or federal regulatory  agencies.
    Administrative laws
  34. This is the legal guide to commercial practice in the United States and defines a number of terms related to salespeople
    Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  35. This is a person who acts in place of his or her company.
  36. A sales presentation is usually considered to be a what?
    invitation to negotiate
  37. This takes place when the salesperson quotes specific terms
  38. These are written offers.
  39. These are glowing descriptions such as "Our service can't be beat"
    sales puffery
  40. This is when a buyer is required to purchase one product in order to get anothe product
    tying agreement
  41. This is an agreement between competitors before customers are contacted.
  42. This is the view that ethical standards in one's home country should be applied to one's behavior across the world.
    ethical imperialism
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