First Watch

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  1. Works
    ham, bacon, sausage, house-roasted mushrooms, onions, melted combo. capped with sour cream and fresh diced toms
  2. bacado
    bacon, avocado and melted monterey jack cheese capped with sour cream served with salsa.
  3. acapulco express "express"
    chorizo, avocado, green chilies and onions, melted combo, capped with sour cream. sd salsa.
  4. killer cajun "killer"
    spicy cajun chicken breast, house-roasted crimini mushrooms, onions. melted jack cheese served with santa fe dressing on side.
  5. greek fetish "fetish"
    roasted red peppers, feta cheese and spinach, topped with black olives, feta and red onion rings
  6. gravy train "train"
    backon, sausage, house-rasted onion, potatoes, combo cheese and topped with sausage gravy
  7. veg'd out "veggie"
    house roasted tomato, onion, crimini, zucchini and broccoli plus melted combo cheese. topped with roasted tomato and broccoli.
  8. far west "west"
    ham, bell peppers, onions and melted combo cheese topped with ham and peppers
  9. via veneto "via"
    italian sausage, house-roasted tomatoes and red peppers with fresh herbs, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. topped with italian sausage and roasted tomato.
  10. the forager "forager"
    house-roasted tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, fresh herbs, mozarella and swiss, topped with crimini and fresh herbs
  11. swissroom "alpine"
    ham, house-roasted onions, criminis, fresh herbs and swiss cheese. topped with crimini and onion.
  12. traditional breakfast
    two eggs, english muffin and seasoned potatoes with choice of bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, turkey patty or ham steak

    • bac
    • saus
    • ham
    • turk saus
    • turk patty
    • oe
    • scram
    • om
    • basted
    • oe
    • om
  13. key west crepe "key"
    turkey, avocado, bacon, monterrery jack cheese. topped with fresh diced tomatoes, sour cream and served with salsa on the side
  14. french toast "raisin" "sour" "raisin 1"
    full order =3 slices sourdough/cin raisin

    raisin: sourdough or raisin bread cooked in housemade batter made with vanilla, cinn, brown sugar, cream and eggs. then topped with creamy butter and powdered sugar. sd of warm berry compote.
  15. floridian french toast "flo" "flo2"
    sprinkled with wheat germ and powdered sugar, covered with bananas, kiwi and berries. sd berry compote.
  16. banana crunch with house-made granola
  17. wheat germ
  18. blueberry
    sd berry compote. blue
  19. cranberry nut
  20. plain
  21. chocolate chip
  22. pecan
  23. bacon and cheddar
  24. carrot cake
  25. tri-fecta "bac 2" "oe" "waffle"
    a waffle, two eggs and your choice of bacon, sausage or turk sausage or turkey patty. w/ berry compote
  26. energy bowl "muesli" "granola"
    housemade granola or muesli cereal topped with fresh fruit. served with stoneyfield farms vanilla yogurt
  27. siesta key contrail "siesta"
    a healthy parfait consisting of housemade granola. stoney field farms yogurt, fruit and nuts. served with a baked muffin of day
  28. lean machine "machine   sunnies"
    two cholesterol free/fat free eggs, seasoned turkey patty, tomato slices and english muffin
  29. power wrap "power"
    egg whites, diced turkey, spinach and house roasted crimini mushrooms rolled in a tomato basil wrap with swiss cheese served with fresh fruit and salsa
  30. tri-athlete omelet "athlete"
    egg white omelet with house-roasted crimini mushrooms, onion, tomato and chilies. salsa, english muffin & fruit
  31. healthy turkey omelet "healthy"
    egg white omelet with diced turkey, spinach, feta, roasted onions and fresh diced tomatoes, served with tomato slices and english muffin
  32. fresh fruit crepes "fr crepe"
    two thin housemade crepes wapped around fresh strawberries and bananas topped with strawberry yogurt, cinnamon and sugar. served with baked muffin of day and sd granola
  33. cranberry nut oatmeal "Cran-oat"
    dried cranberries, peacans and bananas are added on top of oatmeal and served with lowfat milk, brownsugar and english muffin
  34. quaker oatmeal "oats"
    served with brown sugar and bananas on sd, low fat milk and english muffin
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