Pressurization 737

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  1. What duct does APU supply bleed air to?
    Is it possible to operate in single PACK at any FL ALT?
    • Left bleed duct.
    • Yes
  2. What does a PACK Trip sensor do?
    Where does air from L&R PACK mix?
    Where is it distributed?
    • Prevents PACK from Overheat condition.
    • mix mainfold.
    • to cabin supply ducts.
  3. Recirc Fan is in AUTO when will it not run?
    Where is air taken from for recirc?
    • Both PACKS are operating and one is on HIGH.
    • E&E compartment and passenger cabin to mix manifold.
  4. BLUE RAM DOOR FULL OPEN indicates?
    when does this illuminate?
    • Ram door and exit louvers are full open.
    • Normally illuminated on ground and inflight with flaps not up.
  5. Amber Duct Overheat illuminates?
    overheat in cabin supply duct.
  6. Amber PACK Trip off Light illuminates  when?
    What gets reset with trip reset button?
    • Pack has been overloaded.
    • -PACK TRIP OFF, DUCT Overheat, Bleed Trip OFF
  7. What controls the pressurization?
    FWD and MAIn outflow valves.
  8. The Main outflow valve is controlled by?
    The pressurization controller.
  9. When does CABIN ALT horn sound?
    When Cabin ALT exceeds 10,000 ft.
  10. Amber AUTO FAIL light illuminates when?
    What are the three main causes?
    • failure of automatic pressure controller.
    • -AC power is lost, Cabin rate exceeds 1800 ft/min, Cabin Alt exceeds 13,875 ft.
  11. Amber OFF schedule  Descent illuminates when?
    Aircraft starts descent before FLT ALT is reached.
  12. When does ISOLation valve Open when in AUTO position?
    if at least one PACK or Bleed is switched OFF.
  13. PACK is in AUTO when does it operate in low mode and when does it operate in HIGH?
    • LOW- on ground regardless of source.
    • HIGH- inflight single PACK with flaps UP or inflight single PACK and APU bleed used.
  14. Can you place PACK on HIGH with engine bleed for takeoff, landing and approach?
  15. Dual Pack operations with one bleed source is not recommended.
  16. In STBY Mode what is CAB ALT set to on gnd?
    200 ft below field elevation.
  17. What comparments are pressurized?
    Cabin, E&E compartment, lower nose compartment, FWD and AFT Cargo.
  18. where are the relief valves located, negative and pressure relief valves?
    Right tail section.
  19. If no cooling fans how long can EFIS be used for?
    90 minutes.
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