Theology Sin

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  1. Understanding sin
    • Relationship of humankind to God
    • Evil of sin - humanity's rejection of God
    • Opposition to God
    • Abuse of freedom - sin is an abuse of the freedom that God gives created persons so that they are capable of loving Him and one another
  2. Personal sin
    a freely, chosen negative action that hurts our relationship with God, ourselves, & others
  3. Types/Categories of personal sin
    Sin can be attitude, action, failure to act, or power
  4. Types/Categories of personal sin - Attitude
    We worship our lives & fail to consider the source of our life & our many gifts. Attitude of pride, we can go it alone w/o God or w/o others
  5. Types/Categories of personal sin - Action
    • Insensitivity can lead us to do harmful things against God & neighbor
    • AKA Co-mission - you commit the sin
  6. Types/Categories of personal sin - Failure to act
    • We become so self-centered we neglect or turn away from a situation that requires a positive action
    • AKA Omission
  7. Types/Categories of personal sin - Power
    All persuasive power which seems to have a life of its own. We see it embedded in institutions such as govt. They can have policies that discriminate against other groups
  8. Communal sin
    • the effects of sinful actions of individuals accumulates over time into communal sin, which affects all who are born into it
    • accumulated personal sin leads to this
  9. Examples of Communal Sin
    war, poverty, destruction of environment, global warming
  10. Degrees of Sin
    • Mortal
    • Venial
    • Serious
  11. Mortal sin + criteria
    • I don't want God's love anymore
    • death of the relationship with God
    • 1. I must know what I do is seriously wrong - we have an obligation to find out the truth
    • 2. What I do must be seriously wrong
    • 3. I must choose to do the wrong - freedom of choice
  12. Venial sin
    • it does not kill a relationship. It's a failure to grow
    • Ex: sarcastic remark that hurts another
  13. Serious sin
    • it's not a clear turning away from our basic commitment to God but the relationship is shaken
    • a pattern of serious sin may lead to death of relationship w/ God
  14. Effects of sin
    • alienates us from God, neighbors, and from self
    • what we do or don't do affects others
  15. Fundamental Option
    • Each one of us gradually becomes consistent in our way way of life - fundamentally good or bad
    • We multiply decisions and gradually these decisions become one big decision - our way of life
  16. Examples of Fundamental Option
    • selfishness
    • BEST EX: 2 thieves crucified w/ Jesus
    • #1 asks Him to remember him
    • #2 boldly challenges him - incapable of asking for forgiveness
  17. Evils not caused by sin
    • natural disasters
    • untimely death
    • natural death
    • these things do cause pain & suffering but are not evil in a moral sense
  18. Why can we never judge if someone has committed a mortal sin?
    • We can never judge another person's actions because we do not know where anyone is on their Moral Development journey
    • No single act is committed in isolation from the rest of a life, apart from years of growth or non-growth, in understanding and love
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