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  1. RhoGam
    • Given to MOM only
    • Problem: mom RH- and baby RH+
    • the build of antibodies will harm the next RH+ baby.
    • 300mcg IM within 72hrs
  2. Rubella Vaccine
    • given to mom who has never had the disease or is not serologically immune
    • if virus caught in first trimester-  deafness, eye abnormalities, heart disease 
    • live vaccine. if given with rhogam, must check blood 3mo later to see if mom has the rubella immunity
  3. Oxytocin
    • Pitocin- uterine stimulant.
    • Posterior pituitary. for contraction/milk ejection
    • decreases risk of postpartum hemorrhage due to uterine atony.
  4. erythromycin ophthalmic ointment
    • protect against chlamydia and gonorrhea to prevent ohhthalmia neonatorum
    • mandated by the US. must be given within 1 hour
  5. Vitamin K
    • synthesized by the intestinal flora which are not present at birth.
    • promotes formation of clotting factors in the liver
    • IM in vastus lateralis .5-1mg
  6. Hepatitis B vaccine
    • stim body to produce antibodies against infection of the hep B virus
    • 3 doeses: newborn, 1-2mo, 6mo
    • .5mg IM
  7. hepatitis B immunoglobulin
    • prevents hep B if exposed.
    • given asap with in 12hr .5ml IM in opposite leg of HBV
  8. menotropins
    • fertility drug
    • mix of FSH and LH
    • stim development of ovarian follicles, leading to ovulation
    • stim spermatogenesis
  9. alendronate
    • osteoporosis tx
    • inhibits osteoclast (bone reabsorption)
    • cannot replace though!
  10. mifepristone
    • progesterone antagonist
    • uterine stimulant
    • stimulates contraction to induce elective termination of pregnancy
    • given with prostaglandins
  11. pitocin
    • uterine stimulant
    • childbirth: stimulates the force and freq of contractions.
    • postpartum: prevents uterine atony and postpartum hemorrhage
  12. terbutaline
    • uterine relaxant
    • beta-adrenergic drug
    • stops premature (20-37wkz0 contractions
    • unlabeled use: matures fetus lungs
  13. magnesium sulfate
    • uterine relaxant
    • does not stop preterm labor. delays for 24-48hr by affecting calcium levels
    • used more in preclampsia
    • check resp rate and mag levels
  14. estrogen
    • From the ovaries.
    • stimulates female development, uterine growth during pregnancy, and decrease LDL & increase in HDL
    • primary contraception with progestins
    • contraindicated when prego - interferes with absorption of folic acid
  15. megestrol
    • progestins
    • Progesterone produced by the corpus luteum
    • hormone replacement
  16. Serms
    • and bisphosphonates, calcitonin ,and teriparatide
    • osteoporosis prevention drugs
    • estrogen stimulates osteBlastic activity(bone formation)
    • can exercise, less alcohol, Vit D and calcium supplements
  17. misoprostil
    • prostaglandins- dinoprostone
    • uterine stimulant
    • used to induce labor by softening the cervix and enhancing uterine contractions
  18. clomiphine
    • fertility drug
    • nonsteroidal ovulation stimulation
    • induces ovulation and can promote spermatogenesis
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