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  1. Aerobic exercise
    • Augmentation of energy utilization of muscle by means of an exercise program
    • Uses large muscles groups and challenges cardiorespiratory system
    • Energy for exercise comes from inspired O2
    • Ex activities: brisk walking, running, swimming
  2. Fitness
    Ability or perform work
  3. 5 factors fitness is dependent on
    • Cardiorespiratory function
    • Muscle strength
    • Muscle endurance
    • Musculoskeletal flexibility
    • Optimum body composition
  4. Fitness described on a scale from ________ to ________
    Superior; poor
  5. How fitness measured
    By how much energy expended during work session (VO2 max)
  6. Vo2 max
    • Body’s capacity to use O2
    • Max o2 consumed per min when individual reached max effort
    • Ml/kg per min
  7. 5 factors VO2 max dependent on
    • cardiac function
    • transport of O2
    • muscular oxidative potential
    • O2 binding capacity of blood
    • O2 extraction capacity
  8. Muscular endurance
    Repeated contractions over time (resistive exercise)
  9. Cardiovascular endurance
    Exercise of large muscles over prolonged time period (walking)
  10. Aerobic conditioning
    Augmentation of energy utilization by muscle by means of exercise program
  11. Improvements of the muscle to use O2 is related to these 3 factors
    • Increased level of oxidative enzymes in muscles
    • Increased mitochondria density and size
    • Increased muscle fiber capillary supply
  12. Aerobic training dependent upon 4 things
    • Exercise of sufficient intensity, duration and frequency
    • Cardiovascular and muscular adaptation
    • Specific activity chosen
    • Detraining principle
  13. Effects of prolonged bed rest, decreased
    • Muscle mass
    • Strength
    • Cardiovascular function
    • Total blood volume
    • Plasma volume
    • Heart volume
    • Orthostatic tolerance
    • Exercise tolerance
    • Decreased bone mineral density
  14. Energy expenditure
    • based on amount of O2 consumed
    • light, moderate, heavy
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