Anatomy Quiz 2 2

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  1. what hip ligament resists flexion and external rotation
    ligamentum teres
  2. what structure lines the articular capsule
    • synovial membrane
    • communicating bursa present bc weakness of capsule
  3. what hip ligaments prevent dislocation
    • pubofemoral
    • transverse acetabular ligament (inferior)
  4. differences between shoulder and hip
    • bony congruency- hip better, deep socket
    • labrum- helps deepen socket but more important in shoulder
    • muscle support- shoulder less to allow for more ROM
  5. knee joint articulations
    • patella femoral
    • medial knee
    • lateral knee
  6. patellofemoral joint
    • plane joint (partial arthroidal)
    • btwn patella and patellar surface of femur
  7. medial knee joint
    • condyloid joint
    • btwn medial femoral condyle and medial tibial condyle
  8. lateral knee joint
    • condyloid joint
    • btwn lateral femoral condyle and lateral tibial condyle
  9. what motion do the knee condyloid joints allow for
    • flexion
    • extension
    • some internal/ external or medial/lateral rotation of femur on fixed tibia or vise versa
  10. what tibial plateau smaller
    • lateral
    • --more susceptible to instability bc flatter
  11. does femur sit more medial or lateral?
  12. Terminal extension (screw home mechanism)
    • Anterior roll, posterior slide, internal rotation of femur on fixed tibia
    • Locks in due to intracondylar eminence in intercondylar fossa and ligamentous structures
  13. The anterior posterior distance of what plateau is longer?
  14. Tibial plateau articular surface
    Hyaline cartilage and menisci
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