Anatomy Quiz 2 3

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  1. Menisci
    Periphery thicker than center increasing concavity
  2. Menisci attachment
    • Horns: Tubercles on the intercondylar eminence
    • Lateral meniscus (anterior and posterior horns) contained within: Anterior and posterior attachments of the medial meniscus
    • Rest: periphery of tibial plateau by coronary ligaments
    • Inner edge: not attached
    • Attached to each other: transverse ligament
  3. Shape of menisci
    • Lateral- O
    • Medial- C
  4. fibrous capsule attachments of knee tibia
    • anterior, posterior, medial, lateral margin of tibial condyles
    • deficient at tibial tuberosity
  5. fibrous capsule attachments of knee femur
    • anteriorly: margins of the patellar fossa (recess for suprapatellar bursa), margin of medial femoral condyle( then attaches to patella, quad tendon, and patellar lig)
    • --- blends with Tendinous expansions of quads
    • laterally: overs popliteal tendon
    • posteriorly: margins of articular surfaces of popliteal fossa
    • ---- blends with ligaments
  6. articular capsule of knee
    • doesn’t cover whole knee
    • replaced by quad tendon, patella and patellar lig
    • articular capsule has different attachments for fibrous capsule and synovial membrane
    • extends above and below the knee
    • 1 hole ant and 1 hole post
  7. popliteal surface
    posterior aspect of femur (where capsule crosses over), then extends down onto tibia to tibial tuberosity
  8. what muscle goes into the joint cavity at the posterior knee?
  9. Knee synovial membrane attachments
    • Posteriorly: turns inside out and goes in Intercondylar region btwn femoral condyles attaching to inner aspect of medial femoral condyle (below femoral attachment of PCL) and inner aspect of lateral femoral condyle (btwn margin of cartilage and femoral attachment of ACL) and in btwn the Intercondylar tubercles of the tibia
    • ACL/PCL not w9thin joint cavity, synovial membrane so don’t get nutrients of synovial fluid
  10. Patellar ligament
    • Apex of patella to tibial tuberosity
    • Part of quadriceps tendon
    • Resists flexion
    • --- ex using quad to resist ant movement of femur over tibia, but not at end range
  11. common quadriceps tendon
    attaches to and encases patella
  12. medial/lateral retinacula
    Tendinous and fascial expansions
  13. infrapatellar fat pad
    separates patellar ligament from synovial membrane
  14. tibial collateral ligament
    • attaches to medial femoral condyle and medial tibial condyle and medial surface of tibia
    • deep fibers attach to medial meniscus
    • resists hyperextension, valgus rotation and internal rotation of tibia
    • tests- abduction (valgus stress) test
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