Anatomy Quiz 2 4

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  1. fibular collateral ligament
    • attaches to posterior aspect of lateral femoral condyle and lateral side of head of fibula
    • moves in posterior direction for femur to fibula
    • resists- hyperextension, varus rotation and external rotation of tibia
    • tests- adduction (varus stress) test
  2. MCL
    • Medial aspect of epicondyle of femur to medial aspect of tibia and to meniscus
    • -- - that’s why if you have injury to ligament also injury meniscus
    • Different fiber types- but most posterior, short
    • Resist valgus stress, extension and hyperextension and throughout rand
  3. Oblique popliteal ligament
    • Thickened in posteromedial aspect of articular capsule and receives fibers from tendon of semimembranosus
    • Attaches from margin or intercondylar fossa and posterior surface of femur and to the posteromedial aspect of tibia
    • Resists hyperextension
  4. Arcuate ligament
    • Posterior aspect of head of fibula and fibular collateral ligament and arcs around tendon of Popilteius (runs superiormedially) and attaches to intercondylar region of tibia and posterior aspect of lateral femoral condyle
    • Resists hyperextension
  5. Medial geniculate artery
    goes into joint space and supplies cruciate ligament
  6. ACL
    • Attaches to depression slightly anterior and medial to inter condylar eminence (btwn anterior attachments of menisci) and then courses superiorly and posteriolaterally to attach on the medial surface of the lateral femoral condyle posteriorly
    • Fibrous slips attach to menisci so when tear ACL also tear meniscus and MCL
    • Prevents anterior translation of tibia in relation to femur, internal rotation
    • Test: anterior drawer
  7. ACL 2 bands resist
    • Anteriomedial- end range flexion
    • Posteriolateral- extension
    • Both- anterior displacement of tibia on femoral condyles
  8. PCL
    • Attaches to posterior margin of tibia inferior to tibial plateau (posterior to intercondylar eminence) and courses superiorly and anteriomedially to attach to anterior part of lateral wall of medial femoral condyle
    • Fibrous slips attach to lateral meniscus
    • Resists posterior translation of tibia on femur
  9. PCL 2 bands resistance
    • Anterolateral- flexion
    • Posteromedial- extension
    • Both- posterior displacement of tibia on femur and control rotation
  10. Screw home mechanism
    Terminal extension of femur, anterior roll, posterior slide and internal rotation of femur
  11. Menisci
    Improve knee stability by increasing concavity of tibial plateaus, absorb shock, and distribute weight bearing over greater surface area
  12. Medial meniscus
    • C shaped fibrocartilage
    • Anterior horn attached to anterior Intercondylar region of tibia and posterior horn to posterior Intercondylar region
    • Attached to TCL
  13. Lateral meniscus
    • O shaped
    • Anterior and posterior horns attached close to each other in Intercondylar region
  14. Transverse ligament
    Attached to anterior horns of menisci
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