Anatomy Quiz 2 5

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  1. Coronary ligaments
    Attach to menisci to proximal part of tibia
  2. Posterior meniscofemoral ligament (ligament of wrisberg)
    • Posterior horn of lateral meniscus and courses superiorly and medially to attach to lateral surface of medial femoral condyle
    • Strengthens PCL
    • Resist internal rotation of tibia
  3. Anterior meniscofemoral ligament (ligament of Humphrey)
    • Anterior to PCL
    • Resists internal rotation of tibia
  4. Patellofemoral joint
    • Lower surface of patella and articulating surface of femur
    • Articular cartilage continuous with cartilage that covers condyles, cartilage on patella is the thickest
    • Patella moves with flexion and extension of the knee (tracks)
  5. Patella distinct facts
    • Lateral
    • --- separated from medial by ridge
    • medial
    • odd
    • ---small, most medial
  6. patellar tracking
    • 20-50: lateral facet in contract w/ lateral aspect of femur- more congruency
    • 90: most congruency- rocks, both medial and lateral facts in contact and patella sits in ridge in sulcus
    • >90: rocks and rise over medial facet in contact
    • full flexion: rocks and odd facet in contact with medial aspect of patellar surface
  7. Bursae function:
    • reduce friction
    • permit free movement
  8. Suprapatellar bursa
    between femur and quads; communicates with joint cavity
  9. Anserine bursa
    between tendons of pes anserinus and tibia/TCL
  10. Subcutaneous prepatellar bursa
    between skin and patella
  11. Subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa
    between skin and tibial tuberosity (for kneeling)
  12. Deep infrapatellar bursa
    between patellar ligament and anterior surface of tibia (separate from knee joint by infrapatellar fat pad)
  13. Popliteus bursa
    between tendon of popliteus and lateral condyle of tibia; communicates with joint cavity (just distal to lateral meniscus)
  14. Semimembranosus bursa
    between medial head of gastroc and SM
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