NFPT-CPT Manual Study Guide Worksheets

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  1. Parallel Sagittal Plane (Parallel Sagittal)
    Parallel with midline, divides body laterally.
  2. Frontal Plane (Coronal)
    Divides body into a front half & a back half.
  3. Transverse Plane (Horizontal Plane)
    Divides the body superiorly & inferiorly.
  4. Sagittal Plane
    Divides along the side of the body.
  5. Anatomical Positions
    • Superior: Above
    • Inferior: Below
    • Anterior (Ventral): To the front
    • Posterior (Dorsal): To the back
    • Proximal: Toward the trunk (closest to)
    • Distal: Away from the trunk (furthest from)
    • Medial: Toward the middle of the body
    • Lateral: Away from the middle point of the body
    • Bilateral: Both side of the body
    • Unilateral: 1 side of the body
    • Peripheral: Toward the extremities
    • Superficial: Toward the outer surface
    • Deep Muscles: Towards the inner body
  6. Bones of the Upper Extremity
    • Shoulder girdle
    • Arm (humerus)
    • Forearm
    • Wrist
    • Hand
  7. Bones in the forearm
    • Radius (Lateral)
    • Ulna (Medial)
  8. Parts of the Shoulder Girdle
    • Scapula
    • Clavical
  9. Bones in the hand:
    • Metacarpals
    • Phalanges
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