Social Psychology

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  1. Quota Sample
    • Reflects certain attributes of population (sex, age, etc)
    • Ch.2
  2. Discourse Analysis
    • Analysis of texts and talks to see how people make sense of their everyday worlds
    • Ch.2
  3. Construct
    • abstract theoretical concept
    • Ch.2
  4. Confederate
    • Plays the role of a participant but actually is a partner of the experimenter
    • Ch.2
  5. Manipulation Check
    • Measure of how effective the independent variable is
    • Ch.2
  6. One- shot case study
    • Observations on a group after an event occured or manipulation has been introduced
    • Ch.2
  7. Post- test only control group design
    • 2 groups (experimenatl, control) in an experimental design
    • Ch.2
  8. Mediating Variable
    • X -> Z -> O
    • Ch.2
  9. Moderating Variable
    • X->Z depending on O
    • Ch.2
  10. Internal Validity
    • Is there a causal relationship between independent and dependet variable?
    • Ch.2
  11. Construct Validity
    • The measured variables represent the variables we wanted to measure
    • Ch.2
  12. Social desirability
    • Participants want to be seen in a good way
    • Ch.2
  13. Post- experiment enquiry
    • Participants are carfully interviewed to find out what they think the purpose of the experiment was
    • Ch.2
  14. Unobstrusive Measures
    (Non- reactive measures)
    • Measures that the participant is not aware of
    • Ch.2
  15. External Validity
    • Is the outcome valid outside the lab
    • Ch.2
  16. Reactivity
    • Measurement alters the nature of what is being measured
    • Ch.2
  17. Convergent Validity
    • Measures of same construct are associated with each other
    • Ch.2
  18. Social Neuroscience
    • The field to understand how biological systems implement social processes/ behaviour
    • Ch.2
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