Phil Human Rights (after midterm)

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  1. kfdssjg
  2. religious rights are
    appeals to authority
  3. Think driving on the left or right
    social equilibria and conventional enforcement of social practices
  4. foot binding
    good idea of the people who engage in these practices voluntarily agree to it

    think adult woman

    the mother thinks what would be best for her daughter.
  5. why is footbinding/genital cutting a social equilibrium
    because it is in your best interest because the rest of the population is participating; they would be social outcast.
  6. 8.
    lets go to the original position behind the veil of ignorance


    think of right of passages


    assuring paternity

  7. consent
    if people decent from them they are beaten up or killed
  8. two different thoughts
    that practice is wrong

    I should beat them up because they are wrong

    now it should be

    that I don't have to beat them up.
  9. group declaration so that it is no longer a social equilibrium
  10. bottom up social change
    it does not come from authorities or the law but the grass
  11. over population would not happen if
    we educated woman
  12. the patriartical a society is
    the less children there are

    less likely to get married
  13. what are the negative side effects of china's coercive policy
    human rights elimination socially enforced paternalistic unjust rights
  14. it is too female to fit the notion of human
    invisible, they are not seen as human rights (domestic violence)

    there are certain things to most to woman and considered not human rights
  15. too female to fit the notion of human
  16. group rights what is the difference?
    robust rights are not the sum of the parts. it is the right of the class as a whole. You must be talking about rights that the group has a right to over individuals.
  17. is the ex of students being able to study phil and not be discriminated against a group right?
  18. what is the distinction?
    over and above the rights of individuals in a group. think about state rights and federal rights.
  19. genocide example
    they're right of the culture and many others are being violated not just their right to life. you are not just losing the individuals you are learning much more.
  20. how is a hate crime different from genocide and a right not to be killed?
  21. how many sets of group rights are there?
  22. what is the right to self-determinization? and what makes it a group right?
  23. minority rights
    this one is unclear.
  24. what are third generation rights? any robust group rights?
    environment rights,
  25. most of the bad group rights will still be tolerable what is the difference between bad and good group rights?
    bad group right infringe upon individual rights. restricts basic individual liberties.

    good group rights. why are they good.
  26. internal restrictions apply to "bad" group rights and
    are almost always unjust. think Indian example
  27. Kymlicka) what does metaphysically immodest liberalism mean?
  28. what is modus vivendi?
    an agree meant that both sides have come to even thought they have not agreed
  29. group rights help to stop moral imperialism group rights help with the environment

    do you think that roup rights are ne
    episteically modest but metaphysically immodest liberalism

    Explain how kymlicka's view represents an attempt to articulate an epistemically mdest but metaphysically immodest liberalism.
  30. it is epistemically modest because group rights allow to able to be improved upon and are metaphysically immodest liberalism because they allow groups to make the statement that something is immoral
  31. what are robust group rights?
    rights that apply between groups

    they aren't just reduced to the individual rights of those involved

    is a group right a human right like individual rights?
  32. appeal to religion it is my religion there for it is right
  33. what does discrimination go against
  34. what would justify government intervention?
    phil arguments not religious ones.
  35. when you look at it as a group right you are taking yourself out of it.
  36. think right to not be invaded as a group right
  37. group rights outline and make specific rights
  38. example - how the general did something extra wrong that the serial killer did

    killed a culture plus a million people

    there is also extra motive

    effects - economical


  39. think group laws for and against farmers
  40. what are Mackinnin's example of invivible human rights?
  41. maybe the UN should have an all female peacekeeper force.
  42. too female
    are not seen as human violations at all
  43. too human to fit the notion of female
    think about dead people example does it matter how many were males or female, is something more morally wrong.
  44. Rao - is abstractness of human rights theory a moral problem? intergalactic original position
    no, bc you cannot have blindspots
  45. do human rights capture the particular rights violations that have been committed against women?
  46. mill articulated what
    that you have the right to do what ever you want as long as it does not hurt anyone, right against paternalism
  47. must must must know paternalistic intervnention.
  48. what is so amazing out the supreme court's judgment of same sex marriage/
    there is nothing in the constitution about same sex couples or paternalistic intervention.
  49. rationale of Lawrence V
    right against paternalism agreed by consenting adults
  50. what I will be writing explain my argument submit my argument basic reasons. outline topic ultimate goal other key things to include
  51. slippery slope
  52. teleological
    the purpose of something

    a watch - tell time accurately
  53. biological union creates a distinctive human good that we should care about morally.
  54. what are the two ways to object
    reject a premise

    reject the inference from the premise to the conclusion - they don't have enough to support the conclusion.
  55. enthymeme
    hidden or unstated premise
  56. reduction ad absurdam
    taking something and leading it to something crazy.
  57. Locks state of nature
    others may help you enforce
  58. one sided or unidirectional enforcement
    they are considered sided bc some states get to decide who gets prosecuted but can never be prosecuted. Think US vetoing

    mayerfield doesn't like this one he favors collective enforcement
  59. the icc
    three judges must agree to an investigation. Three other judges conduct the investigation

    this only happens when the state is unable or unwilling to enforce
  60. why does the us oppose the icc?
    how has the icc minimized the chance of rouge judges?

    the international state of nature is not an issue for the U.S.
  61. what is so good for the us in the security consel
    the ability to veto
  62. suppose someone went into school and kill 20 students
    how is that different from a general bombing a city many students would die
  63. the atomic bomb was done
    for self-serving reasons - didn't consider the other side of the conversation
  64. add context what is the UNDHR, what if the reader didn't know anything about human rights. why this right is important.
    brief contextual information/motivation

    right in question

    outline of structure


    • your specific view
    • brief preview of your argument

    I have to let them know every step of the magic trick

    must write in the first person (talking in my own view ) use I
  65. what are mayerfeld's four alternative for enforcing internation human rights violation?
    non enforcement

    anarchic, spain passing the law to..... anyone can jump in when there is a lawless situation.

    one sided and unidirectional

    collective enforcement
  66. why is burke
  67. why is burke opposed to universal human rights
    the classical conservative that burke is means you inherit a tradition where every you are and you have a duty to conserve that tradition

    using pure reason you can find self evident truths

    the wisdom of a government takes years to perfect

    rights are too simplistic governments are complex

    moral things for him means things that affect human behavior

    things that appear good at first could have errors

    you need approved experienced models

    • when they are applied it will be a disaster
    • right is a middle between two extreme Aristotle

    computing of moral denominations there has to be judgment not just rules

    when you have a stable government people love their government so they comply with law it is not fear that makes a government stable
  68. Burke) why does he oppose individual rights, especially democratic rights?
    a qualification of rule is wisdom. does a hairstylist have wisdom

    the will of the many and their interest differ, they need someone wise enough to tell them what to do even= paternalistic
  69. is burke a paternalist
  70. Burke) it doesn't matter how many vote if there is not wisdom
  71. Burke) all the American colonists where doing where claiming their rights as Englishmen
  72. Burke) locke says you have rights in the state of nature. Burke says NO
    when you enter a civil society you give up all of your rights

    if there is a declaration of general will, there are no rights against it. no individual rights, social identity of the general will
  73. why
  74. Why does marx not endorse individual human rights?
    he thinks what is really valuable is Human emancipation -

    political mancipation does not create free men- think capitalist society
  75. what is a monad?
    a person or thing that cannot interact with anything - he believes egoist monads will be created
  76. what are marx's objections to the four basic rights of man?
  77. He believes that people need to be changed from an egoistic being to a species-being.
    the only way out is to eliminate competition or and other things that separate people and make them conflict.  example - worker bee
  78. was marks theory paternalistic?
    yes, you are all trap by your own identity so you cannot see to change yourself. We must force you to be free Ruso

    how could it not of been, don't you see that you are trapped and you need to get out of it those of you agree get with me and we will try to form a society. voluntary
  79. Marx) there would be no individual rights
    Think of the individuals that starved from have no rights though
  80. Communism and French revolution have in common?
    no individual rights
  81. edit multiple times
    recap at the end
    outline before and after
    MLA, Chicago, apa

    remember to cite paraphrasing

    site particular articles

    just enough to show that we have engaged in the

    talk about were positive and negative rights came from first.
  82. Rorty).
    the mistake is to think that there is reason involved Hume it is a mistake to think that morality involves truth?plato thought that morality was like geometry the proof paradigm- wrongKant though that rationality could be used to define morality  the proof paradigm is a mistake moral statements are not true or falsewhy does he believe that the whole idea that there are moral truths is wrong
  83. rorty)
    he believes that PMJ help to support the principals You do not only have to go from the generalization to the PMJwe can feel from one another to a far greater extent than other animals.hume's version of sympathy is empathy
  84. metaphysical is the nature of reality, epistemology is our understanding -studyi knownledge.
  85. they agreed that you can separate reason and sentiment.
  86. you cannot navigate human social life without emotions Nussbaum.
  87. if you don't have a sense of security it will block your empathy
  88. Rorty) there cannot be anything that we are getting closer to.
    Puzzle question) when rorty says the term progress it is not purely descriptive, but evaluative. he is expressing his sentiments. there is no goal or objective.
  89. are moral judgments just expressions of sentiments?
    the moral anti-realism, yes, it is an expression of a feeling.
  90. Rorty) all morals are, is expression of emotion
  91. the easiest way for a government to give reason for an action is paternalistic one
  92. look up subjective universality
  93. study question shocking things

    things that a future society will be shocked by that isn't thought of as shocking now.
  94. explain it to someone who hasn't taken the course. one sentence and an example is ok
  95. mary woolfstoon
    early feminism

    utopian aspirations

    a man's home is his castle they are revolting absolute monarchs then go home and become one.
  96. yasimer
    female genital cutting
  97. Catherin McKinnon
    womens rights are not equivalent to human rights

    to human

    to female
  98. rao
    criticism of the original position

    all the rights are inadequate

    there is a conceptual problem

    is the public sphere vs the private sphere

    they give a special place to the family

    rawls does apply to the individuals in the household not just the household

    think domestic violence
  99. someone who believes that there is a right against genocide is the right of a robust group right.
    good and bad group rights

    the tolerable and the intolerable bad group rights
  100. Lee) new natural law
    they don't think that that argument is a good won this is a new and improved one.
  101. know the four different what ever collective etc
  102. icc
    crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes
  103. burke
    he is paternalistic,

    candel makers and hairdressers should not be making decisions

    the right to vote democratic rights

    abstract right objections

    using reason alone does not work - a priory

    what did believe

    that experience / wisdom is required
  104. marx
    species being

    what does he think is the main issue that this creates

    isolated monads

    know polical and and true human emancipation - human is the better
  105. rorty
    he disagrees with moral realists

    he is a moral anti realist

    what is a moral anti-realist

    is morality a waste then?

    it is all based sentimate and emotions

    what are the primary sentimates

    he uses sympathy but I need to explain that it is empathy and there needs to be security to have empathy
  106. what are the most important ideas in the course?
  107. #20 is no longer on the exam!!!
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