French Revolution 1

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  1. Radical
    extreme political views
  2. Conservative
    one who believes in preserving old ways
  3. liberty
    Condition of being free from oppressive restriction by another
  4. popular sovereignty
    power comes from people who elect others to govern them
  5. inalienable rights
    rights not trasferrable
  6. Coup d' etat
    quick seizure of power
  7. guerrilla warfare
    the use of surprise raids, sabotage
  8. scorched earth policy
    a tactic where forces burn all resources so that opposition cannot use them.
  9. Robespierre
    leader of France during the Reign of Terror
  10. balance of power
    no country is a threat to others
  11. blockade
    the isolation of a nation, area, city, or harbor by hostile ships or forces in order to prevent the entrance and exit of traffic and commerce.
  12. Bastille Day
    France's Independence day
  13. Napoleon's laws for reform in France
    Napoleonic Codes
  14. Great Fear
    A wave of senseless panic that frightened peasants.
  15. Louis XVI
    French King during first French Revolution that was executed by the guillotine.
  16. Reign of Terror
    18 month time period that saw radical events of terror where thousands were put to death using the guillotine.
  17. Elba, St. Helena
    islands where Napoleon was exiled to.
  18. Louisiana Territory
    land in North America that Napoleon sold to the United States
  19. Congress of Vienna
    Series of meetings of European heads after Napoleon that set out to bring peace to Europe
  20. peasant class
    the 3rd estate in France, the poor class
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