Ch. 6 self-concept identity ethnicity and gender

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  1. What is the self?
    a person's personality or nature of which that person is aware
  2. What is self-concept?
    a person's conscious, cognitive perception and evaluation of himself; one's thoughts and opinions about oneself
  3. What is self-esteem?
    a person's impression or opinion of himself or herself
  4. What is proprium?
    the self-identity that is developing in time
  5. What is ideal self?
    the kind of person an individual would like to be
  6. What are the possible selves?
    the different selves we envision ourselves becoming
  7. What are the hoped-for-selves?
    the people we hope to be in the future
  8. What are the expected selves?
    the people we think we will likely be in the future
  9. What are the feared selves?
    the people we are afraid of becoming in the future
  10. What is the self-enhancement thesis?
    an explanation for delinquency based on the need for troubled youths to enhance their self-esteem
  11. What is role strain?
    the stress individuals experience when they are faced with competing demands and expectations
  12. What is narcissism?
    the trait of being excessively vain and self-absorbed
  13. What is identity diffused?
    according to Marcia, those adolescents who have not experienced a crisis and explored meaningful alternatives or made any commitments in finding an acceptable identity
  14. What is foreclosure?
    according to Marcia, establishing an identity without search or exploration, usually according to what has been handed down by parents
  15. What is negative identity?
    an identity based on rejecting parental and societal values
  16. What is moratorium?
    according to Marcia, a period of time in the life of adolescents who are involved in a continual crisis, who continue to search for an identity, and who have not made any commitments
  17. What is identity achieved?
    according to Marcia, those adolescents who have undergone a crisis in their search for an identity and who have made a commitment
  18. What is the identity control system?
    a construct that describes the process of developing an identity
  19. What are identity standards?
    one's beliefs about how one should behave
  20. What is comparator?
    the component of the identity control system that compares one's self-concept with one's identity standards
  21. What is blended biculturalism?
    the state in which one finds the commonalities between one's ethnic and mainstream identities
  22. What is alternating biculturalism?
    the state in which one vacillates between following one's ethnic beliefs and those of the societal mainstream
  23. What is fusion?
    the state in which one has merged one's ethnic traditions and those of the cultural mainstream into a new whole
  24. What is sex?
    one's biological endowment as a male or a female
  25. What is gender?
    the psychological/sociological construct of what is means to be a man or woman
  26. What is the gender schema theory?
    a revised cognitive-developmental approach to gender that emphasizes the effects of labeling, attention, and interest in developing gender beliefs
  27. What are gender roles?
    the behaviors that are supposedly characteristic of men and women
  28. What is masculine?
    having the personality and behavioral characteristics of a male according to culturally defined standards of maleness
  29. What is feminine?
    having the personality and behavior characteristics of a female according to culturally defined standards of femaleness
  30. What is identification?
    the process by which an individual ascribes to himself or herself the characteristics of another person
  31. What is androgyny?
    a blending of male and female characteristics and roles
  32. What is the gender intensification hypothesis?
    the proposal that adolescents feel more pressure than children to behave in gender-stereotypical ways
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