1550: Teaching&Learning

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  1. Effective Teaching.

    What does TEACH stand for?
    • T: tune into the patient (goal-directed)
    • E: edit Pt info (use simplicity)
    • A: act on every teaching moment
    • C: clarify often
    • H: honor the Pt (respect)
  2. What is the difference between Andragogy and Pedagogy?
    Andragogy: learning during primary grades; learner centered.

    Pedagogy: art&science of how adults learn; content centered.
  3. The Cone of learning.

    What is the most effective way of learning? 

    After 2 weeks, we tend to remember by..(from lowest - highest %)
    Learn by "doing" (90%)

    Reading, Hearing, Seeing, Seeing&Hearing, Participating, and DOING.
  4. Describe the 3 learning domains.
    Cognitive: storing & recalling of new knowledge.

    PsychoMOTOR: learning a physical skill.

    Affective: changing attitudes, values, and FEELINGS.
  5. What are some nursing interventions to improve Pt's Health Literacy?
    Use clear, basic language in both oral/written communication.

    Active listening

    Reduce noise levels, decrease distractions.
  6. Review ADPIE process.
    • A: gather info.
    • D: identify Pt's problems.
    • P: set goals of care & desired outcomes & identify nursing actions.
    • I: Perform nursing actions identified in planning.
    • E: Determine if goals & expected outcomes are achieved.
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