History CH 15 & 16

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  1. pioneered the design of suspension bridges
    John Roebling
  2. developed inexpensive way to turn iron ore into steel
    Henry Bessemer
  3. Genius in the area of plants; revolutionized agriculture: peanuts
    George Washington Carver
  4. supplied the "hands" to produce the first telephone
    Thomas Watson
  5. owned the largest steel manufacturing company in the world
    Andrew Carnegie
  6. invented the box camera and roll film
    George Eastman
  7. architect who pioneered the building of skyscrapers
    Louis Sullivan
  8. shoe salesman who became the great evangelist across America
    D. L. Moody
  9. Who published "Blessed Assurance" along with many other hymns in the late 1800's?
    Fanny Crosby
  10. Who drilled the first oil well?
    Edwin Drake
  11. Considered the greatest inventor in American history?
    Thomas Edison
  12. Who formed Standard Oil Company and made fortune in the oil industry?
    John D. Rockefeller
  13. Christopher Sholes invented what?
  14. What did the Otis Brothers produce?
  15. Founded the Salvation Army
    William Booth
  16. Who established Union Oil Company?
    Lyman Stewart
  17. Event that took place at Promontory Point, Utah, on May 10, 1869?
    first transcontinental railroad was completed
  18. Term for giving large sums of money to needy and charities?
  19. Name of first modern American skyscraper?
    Wainwright Building
  20. Who nicknamed the period 1865-1900 the "Gilded Age"?
    Mark Twain
  21. Who started the Hull House?
    Jane Addams
  22. Who was Moody's song leader
    Ira David Sankey
  23. Who was Known as "Moody of the South"
    Sam Jones
  24. held evangelistic meetings around the world
    J. Wilbur Chapman
  25. Founded 67 rescue missions
    Mel Trotter
  26. took the gospel to Alaska
    Sheldon Jackson
  27. train robber
    Jesse James
  28. met his brothers in Tombstone, Arizona and helped them kill several outlaw gunmen
    Wyatt Earp
  29. Who was the leader of the Apache tribe that surrendered to the Southwest
  30. Dawes Act
    offered land and U.S. citizenship to any head of and Indian family who would take up farming of Ranching
  31. Open Great Plains for settlement
    Homestead Act
  32. who invented barbed wire
    Joseph Glidden
  33. What was literature that told a story using the scenery, customs, and dialect of a particular region of a country
    local color writing
  34. what was Mark Twains real name
    Samuel Clemens
  35. some Mark Twain's famous works
    Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn
  36. What was the most popular novel in the late 19th century and who wrote it
    • Ben Hur
    • Mark Twain
  37. what did Charles M. Sheldon write
    In His Steps
  38. Who wrote short, untitled poems full of passion, wit, and humor? When was the work published?
    • Emily Dickinson
    • After her death
  39. What American artist was Known for his seascapes
    Winslow Homer
  40. Who was Known for his bronze sculptures
    Frederic Remington
  41. Who was "the March King"
    John Philip Sousa
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