that's english modulo 6 unit 1

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  1. tratar (enfermedad)
    treat [triːt]

    • The doctor treated the patient. 
    • El doctor trató al paciente.

    How would you treat each of the following problems?
  2. servirse
    help yourself 

    Help yourselves to sugar over there.
  3. no puedes evitarlo
    you can help yourself 

    She can't help herself - she has to criticize everything I do

    ella no puede evitar criticar todo lo que hago.
  4. rascar
    scratch [ˈskrætʃ]

    I can’t stop scratching myself. It's really annoying.
  5. habit, noise] molesto, irritante;
    [person] irritante, pesado
    annoying [əˈnɔɪɪŋ]
  6. te haras daño
    You'll hurt yourself.
  7. sarpullido erupción
    rash  [ræʃ]

    I’ve had this rash for a couple of weeks. 

    rush  /rʌʃ/  ajetreo, deprisa
  8. ajetreo

    rush  /rʌʃ/  

     left in a rush, and I forgot my keys. 

    Salí deprisa y se me olvidaron las llaves.
  9. empeorar
    get worse

    • It’s got worse since the school term started 
    • ha empeorado desde que el periodo escolar empezó
  10. ir de mal en peor
    get worse and worse
  11. mala suerte!
    Bad luck!
  12. extresante
    It must be very stressful teaching a class of thirty  children.
  13. un cafe con leche
    • a latte,
    • caffè latte  (milky coffee)café con leche
  14. siento oír eso
    I’m sorry to hear that
  15. homeopatía
  16. es una perdida de tiempo
    It's a waste of time and money
  17. acupuntura
    acupuncture [ˈækjʊpʌŋktʃər]

    • She’s been having acupuncture since
    • last autumn and it has completely cured her.
  18. prueba 
    • proof [pruːf]
    • There’s no proof that those remedies work.
  19. dando largos paseos
    she has been going for very long walks every day since then.
  20. dar un paseo
    go for a walk
  21. inutil
    • useless [ˈjuːslɪs]
    • They've been selling useless pills to sick people for years
  22. ganar dinero( negocio)
    make money

    they've been making lots of money.
  23. ganar dinero ( premios)
    win money
  24. ganar dinero (sueldo)
    • earn [3ːn]
    • earn
  25. tengo este dolor
    empieza este dolor
    I get this pain.
  26. tengo un cura que funciona
    I've got a cure that definitely works
  27. profesional de la medicina
    practitione     prækˈtɪʃənəʳ/
  28. cerumen
    wax  1[wæks]
  29. es una tonteria
    It's rubbish. Don't believe them. 

    es una tontería no te lo creas

    rubbish [ˈrʌbɪʃ]  basura
  30. picor
    itch [ɪtʃ]

    Stop arguing with each other. You're making me itch
  31. que demontre significa…….?
    What on earth does Cranio Sacral mean?
  32. curarse
    heal [hiːl]
  33. cobrar
    charge [tʃɑːdʒ]

    how much do you charge for putting your hands lightly on my head?
  34. tomar medicamentos

    I've been taking aspirin for back pain
  35. herida o lesion
    injury /ˈɪndʒərɪ/
  36. subir a la camilla
    get up 

    Why don't you take off your coat and shoes and get up on to the table?
  37. hice el rediculo
    I made a fool of myself.
  38. pienso que son necesaria las dos
    I think there is a need for both
  39. ser arreglado
    • I think a combination of both would be good, because certain things need to be fixed
    • quickly and then perhaps antibiotics might work but in the long run if you keep using
    • those I think it’s actually not good for your body.
  40. arreglar reparar
    fix   /fɪks/
  41. estar a favor de
    to be in favour of

    • My dad is very much in favour of traditional medicine so whenever we are sick he’s
    • the doctor and it has worked,  

    • think I am in favour of traditional rather than
    • alternative.
  42. problemas de corazón
    heart condition n(cardiac disorder) (coloquial)

    problema del corazón
  43. dañar, herir, lesionar
    injure /ˈɪndʒəʳ/
  44. herida, daño, lesión
    injury injuries  /ˈɪndʒərɪ/
  45. alergia
    allergy [ˈælədʒɪ]
  46. terapias alternativas
    alternative therapies

    therapy [ˈθerəpɪ] N terapia
  47. siento lo de tu dolor
    I'm sorry to hear about your pain
  48. padecer
    suffer from  /ˈsʌfəʳ/

    My husband suffers from chronic lower back pain,
  49. lumbalgia, lumbago
    lower back pain
  50. cronico
    chronic [ˈkrɒnɪk]
  51. comenzo a visitar
    he started seeing an acupuncturist, and it has changed his life
  52. asintomatico

    • asymptomatic
    • he has been practically pain-free
  53. aliviar
    relieve [rɪˈliːv

    Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy that helps relieve all kinds of pain.

    acupuncture [ˈækjʊpʌŋktʃər]
  54. acupuncture
    Fine needles are inserted into the patient's skin, and this helps stimulate the body's energy.

    Practitioners have also been using acupuncture to treat depression for thousands of years.
  55. dolor de muela
    toothacheˈ  'tuːθeɪk/
  56. enfermo
    • sick [sɪk]
    • useless pills to sick people for years

    useless pills   pastillas inutiles
  57. since
    • since the school term started 
    • since then 
    • since last autumn
  58. llevo años pensando en dar largos paseos
    i'v been thinking about going for long walks for years
  59. medicina tradiciona
    traditional medicine never helped.

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