Cell wall and cellulose

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  1. What is the cell wall made up of?
  2. What is cellulose made up of?
    Long unbranched chain of b glucose linked together by 1,4 glycosidic bonds
  3. How are hydrogen bond/cross links made in cellulose? (5 marks)
    In cellulose, every other b glucose molecule is inverted 180 degrees

    this means a hydroxyl group sticks out on both sides of the molecule

    Hydrogen bonds can form between the positively charged hydrogen from the hydroxyl group and negatively charged oxygen atom from the glycosidic bond 

    Results in neighbouring chain being help close together

    Known as cross linking
  4. Why is cellulose good for structural protein
    Hydrogen bonds stop cellulose being hydrolysed by enzymes
  5. What layer compose the cell wall
    • Middle lamella
    • Plasmodesmata
    • Pits
  6. Describe the structure and fuction of the middle lamella? (3 marks)
    • Made out of a polysaccharide called pectin which is negativity charged
    • Bind to positively charged calcium to form calcium pectate
    • Binds to the cellulose of neighbouring cells
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