Intro to health careers

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  1. Who was hippocrates?
    (400 B.C), father of western medicine, disease by natural causes, dealt with the 4 humors.
  2. What were the 4 humors?
    Black bile, Yellow bile, phlegm, blood.
  3. What was dyscrasia?
    An imbalance of the humors
  4. Who was Galen?
    (200 A.D), practiced hippocratic medicine, anatomist( dissections, indentified body systems), surgeon.
  5. What did the build up of black bile mean?
    Melancholic (sad, irritable)
  6. What did the build up of phlegm mean?
    Phlegmatic (Lazy, unemotional)
  7. What did the build up of blood mean?
    Sanguine (Impulsive, careless)
  8. What did the build up of yellow bile mean?
    Choleric (angry, short-tempered)
  9. What was leechcraft?
    A panacea (cure all)
  10. What is miasma?
    contaminated air
  11. What was the miasmatic theory?
    disease is spread through contaminated air. (Malaria)
  12. Who was antonie von leewenhoek?
    He was a clockmaker, wig-wearer, and built an early powerful microscope.
  13. Who was Joseph Lister?
    (1830's), improved lens, magnify 1000 times, made it so any scientist could buy it.
  14. Who was L. Pasteur?
    (1822-1895), scientist for hire, concluded that the problem with the bad wine was germs. Made pasteurization (heating stuff up to 140-150 degrees)
  15. What is the germ theory?
    diseases are caused by microbes.
  16. What is microsurgery?
    delicate surgeries involving micro techs,
  17. What does microsurgery lead to?
    Blood clots
  18. What do blood clots lead to?
    re-loss of members, ruptured blood vessels, infection. To prevent this loss they used leeches.
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