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  1. Temerity
    • A rash or reckless act.
    • The quality of being confident and unafraid of danger.
  2. Iniquity
    • Quality of being unfair or evil.
    • A wicked act or thing.
  3. Encomium
    • Glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise.
    • Accolade, commendation.
  4. Predilection
    • An established preference for something.
    • Affinity, Aptitude.
  5. Recalcitrant
    • Difficult to manage or operate.
    • Stubbornly refusing to obey rules.
  6. Assiduous
    • Showing great care, attention, and effort.
    • Persistent application.
    • Diligent.
  7. Copacetic
    Very satisfactory.
  8. Augment
    • To increase the size or amount of something.
    • To add something in order to improve it.
  9. Secede
    To withdraw from an organization.
  10. Respite
    • A period of temporary delay.
    • An interval of rest or relief.
  11. Recuse
    • To refuse or reject.
    • To disqualify oneself as judge in a particular case.
  12. Query
    • A question or request for information about something.
    • A doubt, reservation
  13. Onerous
    • Difficult and unpleasant to do or deal with.
    • Burdensome.
  14. Mitigation
    To make something less severe, harmful, or painful.
  15. Malignant
    • Very Evil.
    • Tending to produce death or deterioration
  16. Latent
    • Present and capable of emerging, but not now visible.
    • Dormant, Inert.
  17. Innocuous
    • Harmless.
    • Not likely to offend.
  18. Expiate
    • To extinguish guilt.
    • To make amends for.
    • To put an end to.
  19. Ergo
    Therefore, Hence.
  20. Enmity
    • Mutual hatred or ill will.
    • Very deep unfriendly feeling
  21. Egregious
    • Very bad and easily noticed.
    • Flagrant, conspicuous.
  22. Copious
    Very large in amount or number
  23. Machiavellian
    • Using clever lies and tricks to get something.
    • marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith
  24. Retribution
    Punishment for doing something wrong.
  25. Attrition
    • Sorrow for one's sins.
    • The act of weakening or exhausting by constant abuse.
    • Rubbing together.
  26. Desultory
    • Not having a plan or purpose.
    • Done without serious effort.
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