Day 3

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  1. What are the high level uses for MS Architect?
    • Initially populate the MetaData (Project Definitions and Parameters)
    • Create Schema Objects
  2. What are the 4 Types of Schema Objects? (In order of creation workflow)
    • Tables
    • Facts
    • Attributes
    • Hierarchies
  3. What are the 4 Aspects of the Project Design Process?
    • Design the Logical Data Model
    • Design the DataWarehouse Schema
    • Create the Project in MS Architect
    • Manage the Project Schema
  4. What is a Logical Data Model and its 3 parts?
    • A diagram that shows the information you want to analyze and its relations to one another.
    • It's made up of:
    • Facts
    • Attributes
    • Hierarchies
  5. What are Attribute Forms?
    Different ways of identifying the same Attribute (like Name, SSN, email, etc)
  6. What 3 Factors should be considered when creating a Logical Data Model?
    • User Reporting Requirements
    • Existing Data Sources
    • Technical and Performance considerations
  7. What are the 5 steps to creating a Logical Data Model?
    • List all information that will be used in reporting
    • Identify which are facts
    • Identify which are Attributes
    • Determine the relationships between attributes
    • Organize Attributes into Hierarchies
  8. What are the 3 column types in a DataWarehouse Schema?
    • ID
    • Description
    • Fact
  9. What are the 4 types of Tables in a DataWarehouse Schema?
    • Normalized
    • Moderately DeNormalized
    • Completely DeNormalized
    • Star Schema
  10. What 4 Factors should be considered in designing the DataWarehouse Schema?
    • User Reporting Requirements
    • Query Performance
    • Data Volume
    • Database Maintenance
  11. What are the 4 steps to Project Creation?
    • Configuring the Project MetaData
    • Configuring the Project Connectivity
    • Creating the Neccesary Schema Objects
    • Updating the Project Schema
  12. What are the two tools used in Project Creation?
    • Connectivity Configuration Wizard (Creates the DSNs)
    • Configuration Wizards
  13. What are the 3 steps to creating the project MetaData
    • Create and Empty MetaData Database
    • Create a DSN (Data Source Name) to connect
    • Create the MetaData shell
  14. What is the structure of Project Connectivity?
    • Project Source -> MetaData
    • Project Source -> Project -> Database Instance -> Database Connection -> Data Warehouse
  15. What are the 3 ways of creating Schema Objects?
    • Project Creation Assistant (This is the only way to create the project itself)
    • Schema Object Editors
    • Architect Graphical Interface
  16. What are the 5 things the Project Creating Assistant lets you do?
    • Create Project
    • Select Tables from Warehouse Catalog
    • Create Facts
    • Create Attributes
    • Open Architect Graphical Interface
  17. What are the 4 Object Editors available?
    • Attribute Editor
    • Fact Editor
    • Hierarchy Editor
    • Logical Table Editor
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