MNT lower GI part 1

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  1. What is the gut barrier?
    The GIT role in preventing inappropriate interaction between body and environment (food, beverages n contaminants, endogenous ingested microbes)-plays primary role in health maintenance
  2. What causes disruptions in the gut barrier? What is it linked to?
    Injury from drugs, toxins, infection, malnutrition, allergic responses, bacterial growth and oxidative stress; linked to immune dysregulation, number of GI disorders (IBS, celiac disease, food allergy, multi organ system failure)
  3. List 5 common intestinal problems
    Gas/flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, steatorrhea, GI strictures/obstruction
  4. What does intestinal gas involve?
    Belching (eructation) and rectal gas (flatulence) - includes nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and some people methane
  5. What is aerophagia and how can it be minimized?
    Eat slowly, chew with mouth closed, avoid straws
  6. What causes increased flatulence from bacterial fermentation?
    Dietary fiber (especially soluble), resistant starches, lactose if lactose deficient, fructose, and alcohol sugars
  7. What are systemic causes of constipation?
    Side effect of medication; metabolic endocrine abnormalities (hypothyroidism, uremia, hypercalcemia); spina bifida; Parkinson disease; lack of exercise; ignoring urge to defecate; vascular disease of large bowl; systemic neuromuscular disease leading to deficiency of voluntary muscles; poor diet low in fiber; pregnancy
  8. What are gastrointestinal causes of constipation?
    Cancer,diseases of upper GI, diseases of large bowel (resulting in failure ofpropulsion along colon=colonic inertia, and failure of passage through anorectal structures= outlet obstruction), IBS, anal fissures/hemorrhoids, laxative abuse, Hirschsprungs disease
  9. What is the MNT for constipation?
    Adequate soluble and insoluble fiber - 14 g/1000 kcal. About 25 g for women, either
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