Vission/Mission/National Health Plan

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  1. DOH vision by 2030
    a global leader for attaining better health outcomes, competitive and responsive health care system and equitable health financing
  2. Missions of DOH by...
    • by making services available 
    • by arousing community awareness
    • by mobilizing resources
    • by promoting the means of better health
  3. the blueprint followed by the department of health
    the national health plan
  4. it defines our country's health problems, policy thrusts, strategies and targets
    the national health plan
  5. most important patients in the society
    • mother
    • baby
  6. Philippine mortality rate from communicable deceases declined at ___ of the past 40 years
  7. certain diseases like ___ and ___ are nearing eradication
    • polio
    • neonatal tetanus
  8. first secretion of the mother's breast
  9. many infants still suffer from communicable diseases like __ and ___ which can be managed at home
    • diarrhea
    • pneumonia
  10. a policy of the state passed by the philippine government to modernize our health care system
    HCD Modernization Program
  11. sought to promote the Filipinos right to health
    Rep. Emilio Macias II
  12. an organized plan of health services
    HC System
  13. a program wherein health care is provided to the population through the efforts of the government of private enterprises
    HC System
  14. 4 elements of HC System
    • Personal Health Care Services
    • Public Health Services
    • Awareness
    • Third Party
  15. the provision of health care by an entity
    HC delivery
  16. rendering health care services to the people
    HC Delivery
  17. network of health facilities and personnel which carries out the task of rendering health care to the people
    Health Care Delivery System
  18. a complex set of organizations interacting to provide an array of health services
    Philippine Health Care Delivery System
  19. the entirety of services offered by all health disciplines which provide care to all ill and injured
    philippine health care delivery system
  20. different kinds of hospitals
    • Level 1 Hospital
    • Level 2 Hospital
    • Level 3 Hospital
    • Level 4 Hospital
  21. a place dedicated primarily to the maintenance and operation of facilities for the people who are distressed from pain or injury
  22. classification of hospitals
    • general
    • special
  23. doing common treatments such as deliver, wound treatments etc
  24. doing speciality treatments such as plastic surgery, kidney transplants, bypass surgeries
  25. Specialty hospitals in the philippines
    • philippine heart center
    • national kidney and transplant institute
    • lung center of the philippines
    • national children's hospital
    • philippine children's medical center
    • national center for mental health
  26. maternity clinics that provide pre-natal and post-natal care, normal spontaneous delivery and newborn baby care
    birthing homes
  27. adoption of primary health care as an approach to PHCDS
  28. integration of public health and hospital services
    1983 (EO851)
  29. reorganization of the department of health
    1987 (E119)
  30. devolution of health care services to the Local Government Unit under LGU 1001 - RA 7160
  31. structure of PHCDS
    • Department of Health
    • Local Government Units
    • Private Sectors and Non-Government Organizations
  32. principal government agency mandated by the constitution for health promotion and protection
  33. DOH has direct authority over the municipal, city, provincial health office, even hospital services and medical center
    Local Government Code
  34. regional Health Office is now called
    Center for Health Development
  35. refers to provinces, cities, municipalities, barangays and other political subdivisions
    Local Government Units
  36. companies and organizations that promote health but are not owned and controlled by the government
    private sectors an\nd non-government organizations
  37. Levels of Health Care Facilities
    • Primary level of health care facilities
    • Secondary level of health care facilities
    • Tertiary level of health care facilities
  38. Primary level of health care facilities
    • DOH
    • League of Puericulture centers
    • The Philippine Medical associations
    • The Philippine medical care Commission
    • Voluntary religious and civic groups
    • Large industrial firms for their employees
  39. services offered to patients with symptomatic stages of disease which require moderately specialized knowledge and technical resources for adequate treatment
    Secondary level of health care facilities
  40. large hospitals which are offering highly technological and sophisticated services
    tertiary level of health care facilities
  41. for clients afflicted with diseases which seriously threaten their health and which require highly technical and specialized knowledge, facilities and personnel to treat effectively
    tertiary level of health care facilities
  42. needs to be established between each level of health facility
    two-way referral system
  43. Multisectoral approach diagram
    Ways of the people (Cultural), Environment (Social, Economic, Physical etc), Health care system, Other health-related systems = Community Health
  44. a principle of linking health provision to other aspects of socioeconomic development that is closely related to health
    multisectoral approach or intersectoral collaboration
  45. ___ is an important factor for development
  46. continues to have a disastrous effect on the economically active selection of the population and is therefore a serious threat to development
    HIV/ AIDS epidemic
  47. sectors more closely related to health
    • agricultural
    • education
    • Local Governments
    • Public Works
    • Population Control
    • Private sectors
    • Social Welfare
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