Theology Reconciliation

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  1. Fourth Lateran - What did it degree?
    • Theologians give precision to the sacrament
    • 1215 - All Catholics must confess all serious sin
    • Private confession - decreed official form
    • Penitential Book
  2. Council of Trent - What did it degree?
    • Mortal sin - must tell kind & number of sins
    • Confession is a Divine institution - it comes from God
    • Bishops & Priests have power to forgive sins
    • said Penance is a sacrament
    • Perfect contrition - sins forgiven
    • Imperfect contrition motivated by seriousness, number, and disgracefulness - *heaven lost and you are damned eternally - later removed bc God forgives all sins
  3. Vatican Council II - What did it do?
    • Changes in form - changed form of confession
    • About:
    • Confessor - face to face w/ priest
    • Discernment - trying o figure out what you do & why you do it
    • Reconciliation - forgiveness
    • Examination of conscience - how have we responded to God's gifts of life
  4. Sacraments that took away sin in the early church
    • Baptism (adults)
    • Eucharist [forgiveness]
  5. Mortal sins in early church
    • murder
    • adultery
    • apostacy
  6. Define Apostacy
    denial of Jesus Christ by a baptized Christian
  7. What is the Order of Penitents
    • Public Penance - can last for weeks, days
    • 6th century - Irish Monks - private confessions & absolution
  8. Why are teenagers unskilled at taking responsibility for their actions?
    • Bc they have spent so much of their lives being told what to do
    • we all have faults - we intentionally or accidentally harm others
    • Accepting guilt is the first step toward becoming free and responsible persons
  9. Sacrament
    • meant to be a celebration of the experience of forgiveness already present in our lives
    • it is the final step in the healing process
  10. Who developed "matter & form" of sacraments?
    Thomas Aquinas
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