Science C2

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  1. elastic
    a material that returns to its original shape and size after a deforming force is removed.
  2. plastics
    a compound produced by polymerisation, capable of being moulded into various shapes or drawn into filaments and used as textile fibres
  3. fibres
    a long thin thread or filament
  4. Melting point (mp)
    The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (melts). It is the same temperature as the freezing point.
  5. tensile strength
    a measure of resistance of a solid to a pulling or stretching force
  6. compressive strength
    a measure of resistance to squeezing or crushing forces
  7. stiffness
    a measure of the resistance of a solid to bending forces
  8. hardness
    a measure of resistance to change in shape of a solid, for example by scratching or by impact
  9. dencity
    the mass of a substance per unit volume
  10. true value
    a theoretical value that could be found if measurements could be made without error
  11. crude oil
    black substance extracted from earth, from which petrol and many other products are made
  12. Hydrocarbons
    Organic compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen only
  13. Alkanes
    A class of hydrocarbons in which the atoms are connected only by single bonds.
  14. fractional distillation
    the separation of the components in a liquid mixture into fractions which differ in boiling points.
  15. Condensed
    the change state from a gas to a liquid
  16. fraction
    a specific section of a product formed by fractional distillation
  17. Polymer
    A very large molecule that is composed of many small, repeating structural units.
  18. Monomer
    The small organic molecule that is repeated many times in a polymer.
  19. polymerisation
    chemical process that combines monomers to form a polymer
  20. crystalline
    a solid material with atoms, molecules or ions arranged in a regular repeating pattern
  21. plasticiser
    a substance used to soften plastics and increse flexibility
  22. thermoplastic
    plastic with a shape that can be changed by heating
  23. cross-links
    bonds that link one polymer chain to another
  24. thermosetting
    plastic with a shape that becomes perminant after heating or cooling
  25. Nanometre
    a unit of length 1,000000000 times smaller than a metre
  26. Nanoparticle
    a very tiny particle, whose size can be measured in nanometers
  27. nanotechnology
    particles or structures between 1 and 100nm in size, containing a few hundred atoms
  28. nanotube
    a carbon molecule in the form of a cylinder
  29. Catalyst
    A substance that increases the rate of reaction by lowering the activation energy.
  30. composite
    material consisting of a mixture of other materials
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