Science C3

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  1. tectonic plates
    secton of earth's crust that slowly moves relative to other plates
  2. supercontinent
    very large land mass
  3. plate tectonics
    the theory that explains how changes to the earth's surface occur at tectonic plate boudaries
  4. igneous rock
    rock formed by the solidification of molten magma or lava
  5. sediment
    particles of rock
  6. sedimentary rock
    rock formed from layers of sediment compressed over hundreds of years
  7. eroded
    the wearing away of rock or other surface matter such as soil
  8. dissolved
    to be soluble in water
  9. evaporate
    turn from a liquid to a gas, such as water evaporates to form water vapour
  10. hazard
    the actual problem
  11. risk
    perceived problem
  12. Alkali
    A base which is dissolved in water. Releases hydroxide ions and has a pH >7.
  13. indicator
    usually a weak organic acid with strongly coloured acid and base forms
  14. litmus paper
    blue for alkali, red for acid
  15. salt
    a chemical compound formed from an acid when an H+ ion from the acid has been replaced by a metal ion or another positive ion, such as the ammonium ion.
  16. acid
    substance which produces H+ ion when we add it to water
  17. Neutralisation
    A chemical reaction that occurs when an acid is added to a base and a salt and water are formed.
  18. Electrolyte
    A substance that produces ions when dissolved in water; its solution conducts electricity.
  19. electrolysis
    the chemichal change caused by passing an electric current through a compound which is either molten or in solution
  20. anode
    the positive electrode, attracts chlorine
  21. cathode
    negative electrode
  22. electrode
    the point in an electrochemical cell at which reduction or oxidation occurs
  23. PVC
    a type of polymer (polyvinylchloride)
  24. plasticiser
    a substance used to soften plastics and increse flexibility
  25. leaching
    the loss of PVC into the environment
  26. life cycle assessment
    an analysis of the environmental impact of a product, including the production of raw materials, its manufacture, packing, transport, use and disposal
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