General Questions for Chapter 4

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  1. What are the four main reasons for why David Lloyd George fell from power in 1922?
    • Resignation of Bonar Law
    • Honours Scandal
    • The Chanak Affair 
    • Carlton Club meeting
  2. Why did the first Labour Government only last 10 months?
    • Minority Government
    • Campbell Case
    • Anglo-Russian Treaty
    • Zinviev letter
  3. What were the 5 main demand side factors of the economic problems of the 1920s?
    • Shift in the location of industry 
    • Decline of the staples produced structural unemployment 
    • Restrictions on trade lowered demand 
    • Foreign competition intensified 
    • The Great War lost export markets and over-produced in some areas
  4. What were the 4 main supply side factors of the economic problems of the 1920s?
    • The age and backwardness of the staples pushed up the costs of production
    • Gov policies sometimes made things worse
    • Bad industrial relations
    • Trade cycle produced major slumps in the 1920s
  5. What were the 5 main causes of economic problems during the 1920s
    • First World War
    • Foreign Competition 
    • Gold Standard 
    • Government Policies 
    • Decline of the Staple Industries
  6. What are the 3 main long term reasons for why there was a General Strike?
    • Decline of the staple industries 
    • Loss of export market during the Great War
    • Lloyd George returns coal miners to private ownership in 1921
  7. What are the 2 main short term reasons for why there was a General Strike?
    • Britain returns to the Gold Standard in 1925
    • Samuel Report published and Government subsidies end in March/April 1926
  8. When was the General Strike?
    3-12 May 1926
  9. Why did the General Strike fail?
    • Failures of the TUC in relation to the newspaper
    • Attitude of the miners leaders
    • Strong actions of Con gov

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