NTD320 exam 1 review

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  1. any combination of educational strategies designed to facilitate voluntary adoption of food choices and other food and nutrition related behaviors conducive to health and well being
    nutrition education
  2. nutrition education is delivered through
    multiple venues and involves activities
  3. 3 levels of nutrition education
    • individual
    • community
    • policy
  4. what does a behavior focused or action focused approach to nutrition education mean?
    focuses on specific behaviors, practices or issues
  5. a conceptual map to help us understand how various influences on food related behavior are related to behavior/taking action
  6. differences in theories?
    • some focus on individual beliefs
    • some help us understand how people change
    • some focus on a variety of influences
  7. KAB model?
    • knowledge
    • attitudes
    • behaviors
  8. focus of HBM?
    perception of the health problem and appraisal of proposed behavioral changes are central to a decision to change
  9. key constructs of HBM?
    • perceived susceptibility of disease
    • perceived severity of disease
    • perceived advantages of change
    • appraisal of barriers to change
    • self efficacy
    • cues to action
  10. parts of the logic model?
    • inputs
    • outputs
    • outcomes
  11. inputs?
    what we invest
  12. outputs?
    what we do
  13. outcomes?
    with what results
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