Chapter 31

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  1. Students for Democratic Society
    • (1962)
    • - meet for convention in Port Huron and put together the Port Huron Statement
    • = Talks about participatory democracy <- protest for
  2. Free Speech Movement
    - University of CA was in turmoil because students protested to organize talks on campus.
  3. Cultural Revolution
    • - Young people dressed anti-established and didn't look impressed
    • = LSD and drugs increase
    • - anti-war messages, music festivals, free love
  4. Black Power (1965)
    = big riots broke out in Detroit and Newark with the national guard called in

    - Dr King tried to organize Poor People's March but assassinated by James Earl Ray
  5. Women's Liberation
    - Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique : the role women play in society is determined by their gender

    • = change in laws for women
    • - organize N.O.W. (national org of women) for women's rights
    • - congress passes and repasses equal rights amendment - never ratifies
  6. General William Westmoreland
    • = Commander in charge of Vietnam
    • - accused of painting a good picture of vietnam giving Johnson and America the wrong idea
  7. TET Offensive
    • = North Vietnam tried to capture South Vietnam
    • - We end up pushing back North but it came to out attention what Vietnam is really like
    • - shocked Americans and made them ask what are we really doing there
  8. Eugene McCarthy
    • = Republican Anti-war/peace candidate
    • - no one knew him

    (1968 Elections)
  9. Sirhan Sirhan
    = Shot Robert Kennedy in hotel kitchen in his years of running for '68 president
  10. Mayor Richard Daley
    Made protesting illegal in the Democratic Convention
  11. Governor George Wallace
    • - was encouraged to run for president as democrat
    • - runs to bring back segregation

    selected VP: General Curtis Lemay "nuke em back to the stone age"
  12. Richard Nixon
    - political comeback representing the good old days in 1950's

    --> wins 1968 election
  13. Henry Kissinger
    • Nixon's Secretary of State
    • - not liked
  14. Revenue Sharing
    = goverment takes tax dollars to use for state's projects
  15. Nixonomics
    • = establishes wage and price controls; can't go up
    • - stabilizes economy
  16. John Connaley
    • = Secretary of Treasury for Nixon and devalues currency
    • - short term effect, bad in long term
  17. John Mitchell
    • = Attorney general for Nixon and chief of law maker is U.S.
    • - tried to change Supreme Court to conservative
  18. Warren Burger
    = replaced Earl Warren as Chief of Justice in Supreme Court (b/c of JohnMitchell)

    • - William Rehnquist = Associate Justice
    • - promoted to Chief Justice in Raegan years
  19. Spiro Agnew
    • = Nixon's new VP
    • - had to resign VP for his bribery acts
  20. Detente
    • = plan to deal with Soviets
    • "relaxation of tensions"
  21. Leonid Brezhniv
    • = Leader of Soviets
    • - invites Nixon to visit (after he visits Red China)
  22. SALT 1 Treaty
    • = symbolic Treaty that U.S. and Soviets can come to agreement and cooperation
    • - not a solution to nuclear weapons
    • - proved detente did not work
  23. Cambodia Bombings
    • (1970)
    • - Bombing of Vietnam extends West to Cambodia
    • -Part of renued bombings in Nixon's plan to end Vietnam War
  24. Kent State University
    • - Anger emerged among students and state troops.
    • - Nixon called the students bums with intention of blowing up campuses
  25. Watergate
    • = Nixon's aids and first agents wanted to come up with secret groups to do things
    • - J. Edgar Hoover: director of FBI, very powerful man - didn't agree
  26. George McGovern
    • - weak and unstable candidate
    • - wanted to just pull out of Vietnam
  27. G. Gordon Liddy & E. Howard Hunt
    • = former FBI and CIA agents
    • - try to find out who leaked documents to NY Times = create Numbers Unit
  28. C.R.E.E.P. committee
    • = to re elect president Nixon
    • - organized by John Mitchell after resignation and becomes Nixon's campaign manager
  29. James McCord
    • (Security Chief of CREEP)
    • = hired by Hunt and Liddy to break into Watergate and bug Democratic National Headquarters

    - first break in: bugs don't work , second: get caught
  30. Judge John Sirica
    • = 'law and order' judge on Hunt and Liddy case
    • -Orders John McCord 25 years where he reveals scandal that Nixon wanted to cover up
  31. Special Watergate Committee
    = investigate who is involved with scandal and how high up it goes
  32. The Enemy List
    = Nixon calls in John Dean and Charles Colson to comprise this list for the president
  33. HR Haldeman and John Ehrliehman
    = asked by Nixon to cover up for Watergate

    - John Dean reveals truth but no proof
  34. Alexander Butterfield
    = Nixon's aid who tells Special Watergate Committee that Nixon tapes convos in Oval Office.
  35. Archibald Cox
    = Special Watergate Committee prosecutor calls in Nixon
  36. Elliot Richardson
    Asked to fire Cox by Nixon

    • - Nixon fired Richardson
    • and brings in Solicitor General Robert Bork to fire Cox
  37. Leon Jaworski
    • Recieves some of Nixon's tapes
    • - they are all of nothing important
  38. Gerald Ford
    • = New president after Nixon (Orphan, Real name Leslie King)
    • - announces Nixon receives pardon
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